Plastic Filter Housings

All standard cartridge filters need a water filter housing to work correctly. At US Water Systems, we have the highest quality housings, made of components that meet all FDA and NSF standards. We offer œpoint-of-entry filter housings and Big Blue (BB) filter housings. US Water has the most complete line of Big Blue filters anywhere, and we can help you find the best solution for all your filtration needs. If you are not sure which filter is best for you, call one of our Certified Water Specialists at 1-800-608-8792.

A water filter housing is a necessary part of most types of cartridge water filters – the housing holds the actual filter in place and helps guide the water through it. Most filter housings are made of strong, durable polycarbonate and/or polypropylene plastic that meets all of the standards of the NSF, an independent public health and safety organization.

Filter Housing Sizes

While there are specialty filters and proprietary filters that are unique, most water filter housings are made in one of several standard sizes:

  • 2.5” x 10” for small point-of-use systems
  • 2.5” x 20” for larger point-of-use systems or small homes
  • 4.5” x 10” for small to medium-size homes and small businesses
  • 4.5” x 20” for whole house and commercial systems

By offering cartridge filter housing options in standard sizes, US Water Systems helps you to save money. We don’t tie you to a proprietary size and then sell you expensive replacement cartridges. You can choose any standard water filter cartridge to go into your system. As long as you select a filter that’s in the correct size. A 2.5” x 9.75” filter for a small point-of-use system, such as using it in your housing.

US Water Blue Residential Filter Housing 2.5" x 10"

Water Filter Housing Parts

A standard water filter housing is made up of three parts: the filter cap, filter sump, and filter cartridge. The sump is a plastic container that’s made to hold the cartridge in place and channel water through it as required. The filter cap allows water to flow into and out of the sump correctly. Inside the sump, you can put any filter cartridge that fits, including sediment or carbon filters. Some filter housings are sold with cartridges included, but it’s easy to find those that allow you to choose your own filter type.

Inside the sump, you’ll find a small tab and sealing ring to hold the bottom of the cartridge filter in place and seal it. A similar tab can be found on the underside of the filter cap to hold the top of the cartridge in place. Around the top of the sump, where it connects to the filter cap, you’ll find a rubber O-ring that helps seal the two pieces together and eliminate leaks.

Water filter housing sumps come in several colors, including white, blue, red, and clear, with the color often indicating what they are used for. A red sump and cap, for example, may indicate that the filter is designed for hot water filtration. Filter caps are typically black or white.

A diagram of the different parts of a water filter

Dual and Triple Filter Housings

If you need several different water filters, whether they have increasingly small micron ratings for finer filtration or that contain different types of filters to remove a range of contaminants from you water, you may want to use a dual or triple cartridge filter housing. This type of housing allows two or three sumps to all be attached to one common filter cap. Choosing a filter housing with multiple sumps is often not only more convenient, keeping all of the filters together and each to access, it can also help ensure that the water is moving through the filters in the needed progression.

US Water Triple Filter Housing Assembly

Residential and Commercial Housings

Although residential and commercial water filter housings do basically the same thing, there are some differences. Many commercial housings have a sump that is clear or see-through so that you can see that the filter is working correctly. This type of sump may also be used with filters that change color or otherwise indicate visually when they need to be changed. Some commercial grade housings are include a pressure relief button that can be used if pressure within the sump is too high and the housing is leaking.