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US Water BREWT Portable Homebrewing Water Treatment Solution

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The BREWT™ Craft Beer Brewing Water Treatment System is the home brewer’s best friend. The BREWT™ allows you to brew your beer with consistency like the big boys! This system is great for extract or all grain brews. It will provide the water for Strike and Sparge and will actually produce enough water for the entire brew day!

The BREWT™ has a 15 or 35 gallon tank (choose the size) and can produce up to 300 GPD of reverse osmosis water (RO). A simple garden hose connection will get the water flowing. An internal float will shut the system off when the tank is full. A spigot at the bottom allows kettles to be filled easily from a counter top.

BREWT’s Stages of Filtration

  • A carbon polishing filter for unwanted tastes and odors
  • Two Reverse Osmosis Membranes removes all those pesky solids that make beer flavor inconsistent.

The carbon polishing filter will last for up to a year. The membranes can last several years with proper filtration. Be sure and test the water with a TDS meter before brewing.

BREWT™ Pre-Filter Options

Depending upon your incoming water quality, you may need the BREWT™ Dual or Triple Filtration System which comes with 3/4" garden hose connections and a 3’ Hose Connector. Extends the life of membranes dramatically and maintains the ultimate water quality:

  • BREWT™ Dual Pre-Filter: Two-Stage Filter With Garden Hose Connections: (1.) Sediment and (2.) Carbon Block for Chlorine Removal
  • BREWT™ Triple Pre-Filter: Three-Stage With Garden Hose Connections: (1.) Sediment (2.) Carbon Block for Chlorine Removal and (3.) Catalytic Carbon Block for Chloramine Removal

If you are a home craft beer brewer and you want to go to the next level, the BREWT™ will take you there!

Operating Recommendations

  • < 10 GPG of Hardness
  • < 0.3 ppm of Iron
  • < 0.05 ppm of manganese
  • < 800 TDS
  • < 1 NTU of Turbidity
  • Temperature Range 55-80 degrees F

RO Production

300 GPD

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