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WaterCheck Tests By National Testing Labs

National Testing Laboratories has been offering affordable drinking water testing to homeowners for the past 25 years. Whether your drinking water comes from a private well or public water supply (city water), we offer water testing packages specifically designed for both types of water supplies. We answer the question "What's in my Water?

Well Water Testing for Homeowners - Private wells are primarily unregulated (although a few states are beginning to regulate), so it is up to the homeowner to make sure their water coming from the well is safe for consumption. Most wells are tested at some point in time, but more than likely that testing was only for bacteria. While bacteria poses an immediate health risk, there are other contaminants that lurk in ground water that can cause illness when exposed to small amounts over a long periods of time - Arsenic and Uranium are two examples.
City Water Testing for Homeowners

Public water supplies (city water) - are only responsible for the water quality as it leaves the treatment facility. But this treated water runs through potentially miles and miles of pipes throughout the distribution system - some of which may contain lead and copper, not to mention many systems are very old and thus starting to develop cracks which could potentially expose this water to other contamination.


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