Water Tests For Specific Contaminates

Thanks to the high volume of water tests and our partnership with Simplelabs, we are able to negotiate a special price for a variety of award-winning and comprehensive water tests. US Water Systems prides itself on providing you with the BEST VALUE in 3rd party US-based laboratory water testing. A professionally detailed water analysis is critical to ensuring you are provided with a custom-tailored water solution. 

PFAS water testPFAS water test

PFAS & PFOS Water Test


Recommended by SimpleLab™, this water test gives you full laboratory analysis and quantification of PFAS compounds in your water sample using US EPA Method 537.1 (or equivalent).




✔ 100 known PFAS compounds


Reverse osmosis water testReverse osmosis water test

RO Membrane Application Test


Recommended by SimpleLab™, the Reverse Osmosis Membrane Application Test was developed to be the best available for reverse osmosis designs. This test helps determine the proper reverse osmosis system specification to suit your needs.

✔ Physical Parameters

✔ 24 Metals

✔ 9 Inorganics Compounds

✔ 14 Wet Chemistry Parameters



1,4-dioxane Test water test1,4-dioxane Test water test

1,4-dioxane Test


Recommended by SimpleLab™ as the most comprehensive water quality testing panel 1,4-dioxane. The EPA has determined 1,4-dioxane to be a “probable human carcinogen.”

✔ 1,4-dioxane 

All Water Tests Include: free shipping - both ways, dedicated customer support, a comprehensive and easy to read water test report, and a free report review and treatment consultation with a WQA certified master water specialist.

General tests for water treated by a water utility.General tests for water treated by a water utility.