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Water Softeners Ideal for Treating Your Hard Water

US Water SoftenersIt seems like not one day goes by that we don’t hear complaints from customers regarding their hard water. Quite frankly, home owners are sick and tired of their hard water and they are looking for a solution. Especially an energy-efficient solution that saves money The good news is that Us Water Systems has been treating hard water for over 40 years so we know that hard water is usually something that can be easily treated with a water softener.

How will a water softener help our water?

Think about your water right now, there is a good chance that the water in the home leaves scale buildup in the bathroom, dishes that are dirty even after they’ve been washed, and clothes that look dingy after they have been washed. Sound familiar?

What you are experiencing are the most common symptoms of having hardness in your water. Hardness is caused by buildup of calcium and magnesium.  These minerals are commonly found in municipal water, but can be treated with a water treatment system.

The WQA recently commissioned a study on the benefits of having a water softener.

Check out our infographic on the cost-saving benefits here.

How Do You Fix Hard Water?

The simplest answer is a water softener system. A water softener is a piece of equipment that uses salt to remove the minerals calcium and magnesium from your water and pipes. However, the simplest answer is not always the best solution for everyone.

Everyone has water that is different from their neighbors, and the only way to get an accurate answer for the treatment of your water is to perform a water test.

What Water Softener is Right for Me?

We often get asked what the best water softener is.  This answer depends on the customer, your budget and your needs.  To view our entire selection of residential water softeners click here