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Water Softener Blending Valve

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Water Softener Blending Valve

Fits Any Softener

Some people do not like the feeling that you get with softened water, which is caused by water that contains ZERO grains of hardness. To permanently fix that for people who dislike that feeling, we have the US Water Water Softener Blending Valve.

Fits any brand water softener and any size line - just purchase two (2) tees of whatever type or size pipe you are using with 1/2" FPT tees in the center.

It's simple - when you plumb in your system, you simply have a tee with a 1/2" Female Fitting on the inlet and outlet line. then you screw in the 1/2" Male Threaded Fitting into each side and when you have installed your system, you simply "crack" the valve open a slight bit to blend some hard water back with the soft water. Typically, by allowing the total hardness to be about two (2) grains of hardness per gallon (gpg), the slick feeling will be eliminated, but the other benefits of soft water will be continued.

Diagram of Typical Installation

You can purchase one of the test kits below to perform a hardness test in order to determine if you have the right level of blending.

The Blending Valve Assembly is made entirely with Genuine John Guest Quick-Connect Fittings - the best in the industry

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