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We work with legal cultivators throughout the US and Canada to provide sustainable,reliable and cutting-edge technology for the smallest boutique growers to huge publicly-owned corporations with huge facilities.


The Importance of Laboratory Water Analysis

A good scientific water analysis by a reputable laboratory cannot be overstated. A successful grow starts with discovering exactly what is in the water, understanding "competing contaminates" and taking a scientific approach to the solution, which can vary dramatically, depending upon the source water. There is no "one system fits all."


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We specialize in providing high-purity water for all types of growing applications, including home grows, from a few gallons a day to huge commercial grows to over a 1,000,000 gallons a day… and everything in between. We design, engineer and support you every step of the way.

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Imagine being able to reclaim up to 75% of the water used in your feeding process. Why would you want to waste your feeding water, even if it has been in circulation for 10 days?

What if you could collect the runoff water from your dehumidifiers and put it back into circulation?

There are many challenges you face in the world of growing. Over the years, as the industry has grown, US Water Systems has worked with numerous growers and has solved some of the most difficult water problems.


Here at US Water Systems, we understand the importance of using high quality water for the best harvest results. Better water equals better yields. Better yields equals better profits. Not only will high quality water benefit your grow, but it is also a great solvent for extracting.


With over 200 years of collective experience fixing some of the worst water conditions in the world, bad water doesn’t stand a chance.

We do everything with water except walk on it.

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