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American Revolution Whole House Reverse Osmosis | Up To 4 Baths

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US Water Whole-House RO

Designed to be modular, sustainable and economical, the US Water Whole House RO is a commercial-grade system that is built to last! With heavy-duty commercial parts & a Three-Year Comprehensive Warranty*, you will quickly see that this whole house RO beats the competition hands-down. Consider this:

  • A Green Solution - Many whole house RO systems are 15% efficient – that means they waste six (6) gallons of water for every one (1) gallon they make – That’s very wasteful… and very expensive. Our Whole House RO is up to 80% efficient which means that it wastes only 1 gallon for every 4 gallons it makes.
  • Energy Saving – Most whole house RO’s operate at 150 to 250 psi – Ours operate at 80 psi which means they use 50% or less energy. This can save hundreds of dollars a year.
  • Longer Lasting - Systems that operate at 80 psi last much longer. Lower pressure means less stress on the system. Our systems work better and last longer, which is why they have a better warranty.

Whole House RO System Components:

  1. RO System - This is a commercial-grade 1500 GPD Reverse Osmosis System that includes a five (5) micron spun poly filter and a carbon filter to remove any solids and chlorine before the membranes. The filters are items that generally need changed annually or bi-annually. The RO system frame is powder-coated aluminum, so it will not rust and our pump and membrane housings are made of stainless steel, not plastic or brass.
  2. Tank - The water is then stored in Atmospheric Tank (250 Gallon 30" x 89"), which has a electronic "positive shut-off float" not some "toilet tank-type" float. When the tank is full, it shuts off the inlet valve to the US Water RO System, so that it cannot overflow. The atmospheric tank is small enough to fit through most interior doors.
  3. Pump - As water is needed, the Grundfos variable speed pump delivers what is needed, as needed. The Grundfos pump is simply the best in class.
  4. Final Filtration & Disinfection - Before the water goes to the supply, the water passes through a Pulsar Disrupter™ Cartridge which removes bacteria, cysts, virus, Chromium 6, and many other contaminants. Replace filter yearly.

Proper Pretreatment is Essential 

A reverse osmosis system with proper pre-treatment will last 15-20 years, while one without proper pre-treatment may be junk in a few months. You may need one or more the following depending upon your specific water chemistry:

  • Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Filter to remove organics, chlorine and chloramines (Chlorine and Chloramine destroys RO membranes)
  • Iron and/or Sulfur Removal System for well water (Iron and Sulfur fouls membranes)
  • Anti-Scalant System (Prevents hard water plugging of membranes)
  • Calcite Filter to raise the pH (so not as to leach copper out of pipes)

If you are unsure what type of pre or post-treatment you may need, contact one of our Certified Water Specialists at 800-608-8792 or e-mail us at support@uswatersystems.com

* Warranty does not include consumables like filters and membranes

Due to the commercial nature of this system, it is covered under our commercial systems return policy.


Just because a RO system is rated at 1500 gallons a day does not mean that it will deliver that many gallons every day. You should size a system to no more than half of it's peak capacity (usually less).  Therefore a 1500 GPD system will generally provide about 750 gallons in the real world.

Please note that all RO System Production Rates are based upon water less than 2,000 TDS and 77 Degree F Water. If your TDS is dramatically higher or your temperature is dramatically lower, the system production will be greatly impacted. If your TDS is above 2,000 ppm you should consult with one of our Certified Water Specialists before selecting a system. In certain cases, an anti-scalant may be needed for extreme water problems. Our Certified Water Specialists can determine if this is necessary.

Also, remember that we have more than 220 years of experience and have learned the hard way what works and what doesn't. This is a high-quality professional-grade system which is built to last for at least 15-20 years.


Anti-scalant is shipped as a concentrated solution.  This concentrated solution must be mixed with clean RO or Distilled water to the proper level for each system specifically.  A water analysis and RO system flow rates must be used to figure the site specific mixture and dose rate.  You must call 1-800-608-8792 and make arrangements to send your water analysis and flow rate info to our engineers to give you the site specific dosage and mixture.  Over or Under concentrated solutions could damage the RO membranes. 


RO: 19" x 23" x 46"
Tank: 250 Gallon - 31" x 89"
Pump: 13" x 23" x 9"


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