US Water Viscera-Pod Type II Laboratory Water System | 2-30 lph

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The US Water Viscera-Pod Type II Laboratory Water System is capable of delivering from 2 to 30 liters per hour (lph) which is up to 8 gallons per hour (gph). This is a system that easily produces Type II Lab Grade Water which is often called “Analytical Grade Water" according to ASTM D1193 and ISO 3696 standards.

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Product Description

Product Description

The US Water Viscera-Pod Type II Laboratory Water System is capable of delivering from 2 to 30 liters per hour (lph) which is up to 8 gallons per hour (gph).  This is a system that easily produces Type II Lab Grade Water which is often called “Analytical Grade Water” according to ASTM D1193 and ISO 3696 standards. 

The Type II Lab Water that is dispensed by the system is not stored in a tank – it is produced on-demand as needed, so that the water is not degraded by storage.  The end-point water quality is continuously monitored by a state-of-the-art digital meter. 

The Viscera-Pod Lab Water System is fully automatic, meaning that it starts and stops automatically.  We Specialize in Open-Frame Design Which Promotes Functionality and Serviceability.  Our “Pretty Boy” Competitors with their “high-tech” looking cabinets and proprietary filters limit serviceability and cost a great deal more.

Nine-Step Purification Process:

  1. 5 Micron Sediment Filtration
  2. 1 Micron Fine Sediment Filtration
  3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  4. Carbon Block Polishing Filtration
  5. First Mixed Bed DI Cartridge
  6. Second Mixed Bed DI Cartridge
  7. Third Mixed Bed DI Cartridge
  8. Ultraviolet Disinfection Chamber
  9. .2 Micron Final Filter

US Water’s Philosophy on Laboratory Water:

US Water supplies laboratory grade water for hospitals, research facilities, manufacturing, cosmetics, foodservice and other applications. We are known for our exclusive open-frame design which can save the lab thousands of dollars.

We started our Laboratory Water division in 2002 because of the fact that companies like Millipore, Barnstead, Elga, Evoqua (Seimens) and many others charge really high prices for their systems.   We believe in making a profit, but don’t think those profits should be outrageous.  We cut-out-layers of distribution and sell direct without any commissioned salespeople, which also saves you money.

We have designed a system that isn’t stuffed into a “pretty box” that is hard to service.  Our systems are of the “open-frame” design.  That simply means that everything doesn’t have to fit into a tight place where service is difficult to perform.  Our systems are “open” and not necessarily “pretty” although many of our customers think they are beautiful!  They also love the fact that service is easily performed by their own personnel because of the easy access to any component.

US Water Viscera-Pod Laboratory Water Systems are low in cost, easy to install, economical to operate and a snap to service.  What’s not to like?

Viscera Pod DI Module Dimensions

  • Width: 30 Inches
  • Height: 26 Inches
  • Depth: 6 Inches

Superior Operation, Better Value, Lower Price

With a Viscera-Pod Lab Water System from US Water, you receive lower up-front costs (dealing direct saves thousands of dollars), lower cost of operation (most other companies use proprietary filters, and membranes, which means you can only purchase the replacements from them at a much higher price), whereas with US WATER, we use non-proprietary replacement filters and membranes, which saves you thousands of dollars over the life of the system, and the system is easier to service (in fact, lab personnel can often change filters themselves).  

US Water has no commissioned salespeople and dealing direct with us can save you as much as 70%!  US Water offers several standard lab water systems and also custom engineers systems for any application - big or small.  Call one of our Lab Water experts at 800-608-USWA or e-mail us at

Features & Benefits of the Viscera-Pod

  • Open-Frame Design – Easy to service, lower cost to manufacture
  • Pod-Design – Small footprint (36” x 36”)
  • No storage of purified DI water – the water is purified on demand so as to avoid degradation by storage
  • Non-proprietary filters – Filter and membrane replacements are up to 500% less in cost
  • The .2 micron final filter is standard, not optional – for the best water quality
  • Includes 1 Meg Ohm Clack Resilite to monitor DI water quality


  • 5-years on membrane and filter housings (excludes wear and tear items like o-rings)
  • 2-years system warranty (excludes consumables like cartridges, UV bulbs and membranes)

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