US Water Patriot Triplex 2.0 GPM High-Capacity DI Pod System | 320-DI-POD-S

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US Water Patriot Triplex 2.0 GPM DI Pod System
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Product Description

Product Description

US Water Patriot DI

US Water Patriot High Flow Triplex 2.0 GPM High Capacity DI Pod System

Everyone knows that a reverse osmosis system ahead of a deionization system will cut DI costs from over 40 cents a gallon to below 3 cents a gallon, but what many people don't know is that the absolute best way to deliver DI water is with a US Water DI-POD, not with a big, bulky and labor-intensive exchange tank.  A US Water DI-POD can save you thousands of dollars a year in exchange tank costs.


  • Utilizes series-flow DI Cartridges to acheive 2.0 GPM (2.5 GPM Peak Flow) per DI-POD
  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frames with padded feet
  • 3/4" flow throughout
  • Built with Schedule 80 PVC for high-purity water
  • Includes filter wrench to remove housings
  • Includes choice of quality light for each bank so you can know when to change filters:
    • 50 K
    • 200 K
    • 500 K
    • 1 Megohm

Best for applications involving laboratory grade water, high purity water and all applications when exceptional quality water is needed.


  • 28" L  x  29" H  x  20" W

Assembled in USA

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Additional Information

Additional Information

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Manufacturer US Water Systems

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

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Product FAQs

Product FAQs

  • What are the replacement O-Rings for the system?
  • What is the range of water resistance this system will produce? I need to achieve at least a water resistance of 50,000 ohm-cms.

    This system can produce up to 2 MEG-OHM resistivity. 

  • Does this unit use 3 of the same cartridges?


  • So this unit uses a pretty typical resin/mixed bed media to do the work, correct? This is NOT an RO cartridge system you have somehow incorporated into your big blue cannisters.

    No this is a Mixed Bed DI system with replacement cartridges. 

     Here is a link to the replacement cartridges;

  • Interested in purchasing a 320-DI-POS-S system for one of our repair operations in Mexico. Are the replacement filters available for purchase in Mexico?

    We are not aware of any suppliers in Mexico.  We can obviously ship to Mexico.  Discounts available for case quantities.

  • Hello, Please let me I ask several questions.Can this US Water Single 2.0 GPM High-Capacity DI Pod System gives the 18.2 MegaOhm cm water quality?Is DI resin cartridge change is easy? How can we dispose the used cartridges?Youngwoo

    DI Pod will not produce 18.2 Megohm water.  Additional pretreatment and post-treatment would be required to do so, including reverse osmosis. Cartridge is easy to change.  No hazardous disposal precautions are required.