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US Water Pulsar Quantum Disinfection System

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Quantum Disinfection™ is the future of disinfection… and the future is here! Imagine using just a 10 inch filter housing to get bacteria-free, safe, disinfected water, with no electricity, no chemicals, no UV bulbs that have to be disposed of properly because they have mercury inside, no ballast to replace and no carbon footprint.

Pulsar Quantum Disinfection™media is a revolutionary new disinfection system for water applications. It’s highly charged substrate and surface areas have millions of potential sanitation sites per square micrometer. The disinfection media surfaces have been modified through a technological breakthrough (US Patent Pending 62/128,160). Any microorganism (Bacteria, Yeast, Algae, Virus, Cyst) that comes into direct contact with the surface of the disinfection media is immediately and completely destroyed.

The disinfection capability of the media is a result of energetic positively charged sites that are created at the disinfection media surface. When microorganisms (bacteria, virus, cysts, algae, yeast, etc.) come into direct contact with those dynamic sites, the electrons inside the pathogens are instantly attracted by the positively charged surfaces. This causes the entire structure of the microorganisms to collapse, with the electrons transferring immediately to the media surface.

The EPA and other certified laboratories have tested Quantum Disinfection™ under these disinfection conditions. The results can be seen in the table below.

bacteriaPseudomonas aeruginosa99.99%
bacteriaEscherichia coli99.99%
bacteriaStaphylococcus aureus99.99%
bacteriaEterococcus hirae99.99%
bacteriaLegionella adelaidensis99.99%
yeastCandida albicans99.99%
algaeAnabaena constricta99.99%

Chlorination and/or Ultraviolet rarely get to 99.99%! This is incredible technology that is revolutionizing water treatment around the world. Quantum Disinfection requires no contact time - just “contact” with the media. The media is contained inside a small 10” cartridge that flows up to 12 GPM. If you need more, you just add a “parallel” system.

Now, in some cases it is possible to eliminate the chlorine, but here is the limitation of Quantum Disinfection™: The water needs to be clean and clear and not contain algae or other matter than can “blind” the media.

Iron, manganese, tannin, turbidity, algae and other organics have to be removed BEFORE Quantum Disinfection™, so there is no “one system fits all” application. You do need to understand that with ultraviolet, the bacteria are still alive but rendered harmless by virtue of eliminating their ability to reproduce, but they are still “dead men walking.” With Quantum Disinfection™, the electrons are literally “sucked out” of the microorganism and they cease to exist. They aren’t dead men walking - they are totally and completely destroyed.

NOTE: Quantum Disinfection™Media provides 99.99 to 99.9999% reduction of bacteria in water supplies. This system has no pre-filtration. Pre-filtration is always recommended for best operation and the water should be free of turbidity, tannin, iron, sulfur and suspended solids.

Features & Benefits

  • Kills bacteria on contact
  • 2.5" x 10" double o-ring seal filter cartridge
  • High purity polypropylene housing Made in USA
  • Quantum Disinfection media Made in USA
  • Suggested flow - 10 gpm
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Packaged Individually
  • Includes mounting bracket, wrench, and screws

Quantum Disinfection™Filtration Specifications

  • Connections: 3/4" FNPT
  • Water Temperature: 50° F to 90° F
  • Water Pressure: 20 psi to 90 psi
  • pH: 4.5 to 9.0
  • Hardness: <85 GPG
  • Iron: <0.3 ppm
  • Manganese: <0.05 ppm
  • TDS: <1,200 ppm
  • Turbidity: < 1 ntu
  • Tannin: <0.3 ppm

The filter typically has to be replaced every two years or 150,000 gallons if pre-treated properly. With a Ultraviolet Disinfection or UV system it costs $120 to $190 a year for bulb replacement. The ballast occasionally goes bad and that can cost $200 to $400, the bulb contains mercury so it has to be disposed of properly and IT USES LOTS OF ELECTRICITY! The operational cost of a Pulsar Quantum Disinfection system is less than $200.00 a year and it kills better than UV.

This product originally was marketed under the name Silecte™. For More Information on Quantum Disinfection™ read THIS:

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