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US Water PurEdge3 Three-Stage Drinking Water Purification System

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US Water PurEdge3™ Three-Stage Drinking Water Purification System

The PurEdge3 filters and kills up to 99.999% of bacteria, cysts, and virus on contact with its’ new Interceptor and Quantum Disinfection Technology. Not only does the PurEdge3 remove bacteria from your family’s drinking water, but it also filters out sediment, chlorine, chloramine, chemicals, cysts, colloidal particles, and lead. With cutting-edge 21st Century technologies like Electro-Adhesion and Quantum Disinfection, the PurEdge3 meets the NSF Standard 53 filtration testing criteria for lead, chromium 6, VOCs, mercury, and cysts.

Features And Benefits

  • Filters and kills bacteria
  • Interceptor PAC Filter also inhibits growth of bacteria on the media
  • Leaves the beneficial minerals in the water
  • Filter Protected by Agion - Nature’s Antimicrobial, which is incorporated into many medical and hospital devices
  • Removes or reduces sediment, chlorine, chloramine, chemicals, tastes, odors, micro pharmaceuticals, lead and cysts.
  • Extremely low pressure drop - filters last up to 20 times longer than conventional filters.
  • Includes all filters:
    • Stage 1: Interceptor PAC Filter (Includes Powdered Activated Carbon and Agion Antimicrobial Protection)
    • Stage 2: Chloramine Carbon Block Filter
    • Stage 3: GAC and Pulsar Quantum Disinfection™ media destroys bacteria
  • Filters should be replaced approximately every 12 months (sometimes more) depending upon water conditions
  • All components meet NSF and WQA standards
  • Simple, easy installation - no drain or waste
  • pH Range: 4 -9
  • Flow Rate: 1 GPM

Includes All Filters, Designer Faucet, And Installation Kit

  • High quality John Guest Inlet Valve
  • 10 Feet of tubing
  • All fittings

Filter Size

2.5 x 10

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