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US Water Precision Blending System

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Precision Blending System allows precise adjustment of Total Dissolved Solids levels in applications such as coffee brewing, craft beer brewing and other applications where specific blends of TDS are required.

In beverage production and other applications like craft beer brewing it is often desirable to have specific levels of total dissolved solids (TDS). While TDS is only one component of producing a quality product, it is an important one.

The US Water Precision Blending System allows you to “dial in” the exact TDS you want the end use water to be. Typically, the water will go through a carbon filter before it goes to a reverse osmosis system at that point, there is simply a tee that feeds one side of the Precision Blending System with water that has been through the carbon filter.

The other side is fed with Reverse Osmosis water right out of the tank and the stainless steel needle blending valves allow you to “dial in” the exact TDS you need. The digital meter displays the end-point TDS which makes it super easy to do so. It has built-in check valves to prevent the water from going the wrong way in case of a pressure differential.

Engineering Specifications

  • Floor Or Wall Mount
  • Inlet/Outlet:  1" FNPT
  • Dimensions:  12" x 24" x 34"
  • Electrical:  120V 60Hz
  • Warranty: 2-Year Warranty

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