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If you already realize that there is a lot more to a reverse osmosis system than just reverse osmosis, then you will understand why this is the best reverse osmosis system for applications from 500 Gallons per days to 5,000 Gallons per day. The most important component of a reverse osmosis system is the pre-treatment. The chlorine and organics need to be removed and a water softener or anti-scalant system (we greatly prefer anti-scalant) has to be installed ahead of the reverse osmosis system itself.

american revolution

6,000 Gallons Per Day High Performance Complete Reverse Osmosis Packagebuilt in usa

We engineered this system with just two premises in mind:

1. If You Build a Better Reverse Osmosis System, You Should Guarantee it Better; and

2. It Should be Able to Recover up to 75% of the Water it Uses.

And we did it! - the warranty on this US Water Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is up to 10 times longer than competitive units and the system has up to 75% recovery. This is often the second system that many companies or people buy - after they realize that the first system they bought was not sustainable or economical and not built to last. This system is engineered to last 20+ Years under most conditions.

If you already realize that there is a lot more to a reverse osmosis system than just reverse osmosis, then you will understand why this is the best reverse osmosis system for applications from 500 Gallons per days to 5,000 Gallons per day. The most important component of a reverse osmosis system is the pre-treatment. The chlorine and organics need to be removed and a water softener or anti-scalant system (we greatly prefer anti-scalant) has to be installed ahead of the reverse osmosis system itself.

Remember This: The flow rate in GPM only refers to how fast the tank is refilled (Example: 2 GPM refills the tank at 2 GPM - if you have a 300 gallon tank, it would take 150 minutes to refill it). The system itself, will flow 15+ GPM, but you are limited to the amount of capacity of the tank and how fast it refills.

All of these medium Duty Commercial Reverse Osmosis System have the following components:

  • US Water Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Pre-Filter - Automatic Backwashing System Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, and Organics Along with Chemicals and Pesticides (10-Year Tank Warranty/5-Years on Valve & Electronics)

  • Stenner Anti-Scalant Injection System - Eliminates Scaling of the Membrane(s), Replaces a Water Softener, FDA Approved. The Anti-scalant While NSF Certified is Rejected by Membranes, so it is not in the water stream (10-Year Tank Warranty/3-Year Pump Warranty)

  • US Water Reverse Osmosis Module - Utilizes the US Water Premium-Grade Reverse Osmosis System with Extra-Low Energy Membranes, High Quality Components and Backed By the Longest Warranty in the Industry (3-Year Warranty on Everything but Consumables)

  • NSF Atmospheric Storage Tank - A Reverse Osmosis System Works Best with NO Back-Pressure - This NSF Certified Tank is Perfect for High Purity Water (10-Year Warranty)

  • Grundfos Variable Speed Re-Pressurization Pump - Delivers From 1 GPM up to 15 GPM (3-Year Warranty)

  • US Water Ultraviolet Disinfection System - Assures That NO Airborne or Other Bacteria Enters the System - This is the Final Step that Delivers Absolute Purity (10-Year Warranty on Chamber/3-Years on Electronics)

Our systems will produce more than they are rated, but for longevity, sustainability and economy, you should size the system to what you actually need each day, not what the system will deliver at maximum capacity. When sizing a high-purity commercial reverse osmosis system, you should size the system so that it only has to run 8 to 12 hours a day. That means that if you need 500 to 750 gallons per day (GPD), you need to have a system that is rated at 1,500 GPD. Proper sizing assures system longevity and economy.

System Design & Configurationprelude-backgroundimage.png

Stage 1 - US Water Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Pre-Filter utilizes Catalytic Carbon to remove chlorine, chloramines, chemicals and pesticides before the water gets to the reverse osmosis membrane(s). Chlorine is especially damaging to a reverse osmosis membrane and degrades it very quickly. The filter is fully automatic, has one internal moving part and operates on 24 Volts. It uses about $3.00 of electricity a year and has a super capacitor backup that keeps the memory even during power outages. It has a built-in bypass so that the tank can be easily taken off-stream to replace the carbon (typically every 2-3 years).

Stage 2 - Stenner Anti-Scalant System injects a small amount of anti-scalant into the reverse osmosis system ahead of the membranes. The anti-scalant coats 30g-white1.jpgthe membranes so that calcium, magnesium and silica scaling are eliminated, dramatically increasing membrane life and water quality. A water softener does nothing for silica and while it is good at eliminating calcium and magnesium hardness, it requires salt and wastes thousands of gallons of water each year. The anti-scalant system is much more "green" than any water softener because it doesn't use salt or waste water. Anti-scalant needs to be added once or twice a year, so little maintenance is required - you simple mix a bottle of concentrated anti-scalant with the high purity reverse osmosis water produced by the system and add it to the solution tank. A typical system might use $200 to $300 a year in anti-scalant (depends upon actual usage).

Stage 3 - US Water Premium Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is simply the Best-of-the Best when it comes to Commercial Reverse Osmosis. The system features a new, innovative and expandable design. These systems feature only the highest quality components, including a programmable computer controller with many built-in standard features, stainless steel booster pump for high performance and corrosion resistance, extra low energy membranes and fiberglass pressure vessels for enhanced performance and durability. This system can recover up to 75% of the water. That simply means that operating costs for water are much lower as many reverse osmosis systems recover only 15 to 35% of the water they use. It has an aluminum frame which will not corrode, and rust like most other commercial reverse osmosis systems and features the following deluxe features as standard:

  • S150 Computer Controller with Feed Flushaxeon-r1seriesro.png
  • LED Display
  • Pre-Treatment Lockout
  • Chemical Pump Outlet
  • Tank Level Input
  • Low Pressure Monitoring and Alarm
  • TDS Monitoring
  • Feed Flush
  • Permeate Flow Meter
  • Concentrate Flow Meter with Integrated Stainless Steel Valve
  • Concentrate Recycle Flow Meter with Integrated Stainless Steel Valve
  • Pre-filter 0-100 psi Panel Mounted Glycerin Filled Gauges
  • Pump Discharge and Concentrate 0-300 psi Panel Mounted
  • Glycerin Filled Gauges
  • 5 Micron Sediment Pre-filter
  • Single O-Ring Heavy-Duty Filter Housing
  • HF5 Extra Low Energy Membrane Elements
  • Fiberglass Pressure Vessels- 300 psi
  • Goulds® Multi-Stage Stainless Steel Booster Pumpatmospherictank.png
  • Feed Solenoid Valve with Manual Bypass
  • Feed Low Pressure Switch
  • John Guest® Push/Pull Fittings with Locking Safety Clips
  • White Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
  • Caster Wheels

Stage 4 - NSF Certified Atmospheric Tank with Bulkhead Fittings and Liquid-Level Controls.

  • 100% seamless polypropylene composite construction
  • Produced using NSF and/or FDA listed materials
  • Meets stringent US requirements for water components
  • Environmentally safe, 100% lead-free
  • Will not introduce chemicals or elements into water
  • Includes Pre-Installed Float Switch with Junction Box to Connect to Reverse Osmosis System

grundfos.jpgStage 5 - Grundfos MQ3-45 Pressure Booster Pump is compact and extremely easy to install. The pressure switch and tank are already built into the MQ. Furthermore, it is self priming and water-cooled with a very low noise level. The outlet pipe connection can be angled up to 5° to fit your existing pipe-work. The Grundfos MQ pump is simple and easy to operate. The settings are clearly indicated on the user-friendly control panel with indicator lights for Pump on/off, auto reset, and an alarm indicating dry running or overheating. Grundfos MQ is built for trouble-free operation. It's construction from corrosion-resistant materials means it can be used for ultrapure water. The anti-cycling feature prevents the pump from repeatedly starting and stopping in the event of a dripping tap or a minor leak. If there is no water available, the pump will stop to protect itself and restart automatically when water is available again. There is no need to worry about a separate pressure tank, pressure switch, electrical connections, fittings or any other separate items. With MQ, it is literally a matter of connecting the power and turning on the jet pump. Installation of an MQ pump is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Protective Features:

  • The MQ pump has built-in dry-run protection. If the pump runs dry, the pump automatically stops.
  • It will then attempt to restart every half hour for a maximum of 24 hours until water is available from the source.
  • If more than 24 hours pass without water, the pump must be restarted manually.
  • The auto reset function can also be disabled.
  • The Grundfos MQ pump also has built-in thermal protection.
  • If the pump overheats it immediately stops.
  • After a 30-minute cooling-down period, the pump will automatically water uv

Stage 6 - US Water Ultraviolet Disinfection System utilize a natural quartz sleeve to protect the lamp and allow the maximum amount of UV rays to penetrate and disinfect the water. With extremely durable construction, high quality quartz sleeves high-performance lamps, you can’t go wrong. Micro-organisms are inactivated within seconds, with no harmful chemicals or by-products. These compact units require minimum space, simple installation and maintenance. Produces little change in water temperature even after prolonged periods of no water flow, making this ideal for many applications


  • Audible ballast with LED "lamp-out" indicator
  • High output low pressure mercury vapor lamps with high isolation pin design
  • Compact design (just 3.5" x 23.5")
  • Manufactured with 304 Stainless Steel
  • The disinfection chamber is polished for medical or laboratory use
  • Easy servicing - no need to turn off the water flow to chamber to change the UV lamp
  • Open-end quartz sleeve and stainless steel gland nuts
  • Low operating temperature
  • Excellent sealing efficiency
  • Validated UV Lamps are rated at 9,000 hours life (1-year)

Engineering Specifications

ModelMax Gallons Needed/DayGallons Per MinuteGallons Per DayCarbon FilterMembranesTank CapacityTank Size
AR-8-6000 3,000 4 6,000 14" x 65" 4 - 4" x 40" 500 Gallons 46" W x 77" H
Configuration Single Pass
Feed Water Source TDS < 2000
Standard Recovery Rate 50-75%
Rejection and Flow Rates
Nominal Salt Rejection % 98.5
Permeate Flow* gpm (lpm) 4.16 (15.74)
Minimum Feed Flow gpm (lpm) 9.00 (34.06)
Maximum Feed Flow gpm (lpm) 12.00 (45.42)
Minimum Concentrate Flow gpm (lpm) 1.39 (5.26)
Feed inch 1 FNPT
Permeate inch 1 FNPT
Concentrate inch 1 FNPT
Membranes(s) Per Vessel 1
Membrane Quantity 4
Membrane Size 4" x 40"
Vessel Array 1:1:1:1
Vessel Quantity 4
Pump Type Multi-Stage
Motor HP (kw) 3.0 (2.20)
RPM @ 60 (50 Hz) 3450 (2900)
Standard Voltage 220V 60Hz 1 PH
Voltage Amp Draw 16
System Dimensions ***
L x W x H inch (cm) 24 x 24 x 57 (61 x 61 x 145)
Weight lb. (kg) 290 (130)

*Product Flow rates are based on equipment test parameters.
**Call for other voltage options.
***Does not include operating space requirements.

Operating Limits
Maximum Feed Temperature °F (°C) 90 (32.22)
Minimum Feed Temperature °F (°C) 40 (4.44)
Maximum Ambient Temperature °F (°C) 120 (48.89)
Minimum Ambient Temperature °F (°C) 35 (1.66)
Maximum Feed Pressure psi
Minimum Feed Pressure psi 30
Maximum Piping Pressure psi
Maximum SDI Rating SDI < 3
Maximum Free Chlorine ppm 0
Maximum TDS ppm 2000
Maximum Hardness gpg 15
Maximum pH (Continuous) 11
Minimum pH (Continuous) 3
Maximum pH (Cleaning 30 min) 12
Minimum pH (Cleaning 30 min) 2
Maximum Turbidity NTU 1

Test Parameters: *550 TDS Filtered (5 Micron), De-Chlorinated, Municipal Feed Water, 35 psi (2.41 bar) Feed Pressure, 100 psi (6.89 bar) Operating Pressure, 77 Degrees F (25 Degrees C), Recovery as stated, 7.0 pH. Data taken after 30 minutes of operation. Scale prevention measures must be taken to prolong membrane life.

Low temperatures and high feed water TDS levels will significantly affect system’s production capabilities. Computer projections should be run for individual applications which do not meet or exceed minimum and maximum operating limits.

NOTE: US Water rates their reverse osmosis systems under industry standards which are tested at 77 degree F, 500 TDS and 60 psi pressure. Production can vary dramatically depending upon water pressure, temperature and TDS (total dissolved solids) levels. US Water does not make these standards - we just adhere to the industry standards when testing and report what the standards require. Every manufacturer uses these standards.


Anti-scalant is shipped as a concentrated solution. This concentrated solution must be mixed with clean RO or Distilled water to the proper level for each system specifically. A water analysis and RO system flow rates must be used to figure the site specific mixture and dose rate. You must call 1-800-608-8792 and make arrangements to send your water analysis and flow rate info to our engineers to give you the site specific dosage and mixture. Over or Under concentrated solutions could damage the RO membranes.

additional information

WarrantyBackwashing Filter: 10 Year Tank, 5 Year Valve & Electronics Stenner System: 10 Year Tank, 3 Year Pump Reverse Osmosis System: 3 Year Grundfos Pump: 3 Year UV: 10 Year Chamber, 3 Year Electronics
RO Production1-5 GPM
ManufacturerUS Water Systems