Hyper-Guard Plus 7000 RO Scale Inhibitor | 32 Ounce Bottle

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Hyper-Guard Plus 7000 is a powerful anti-scalant, specially formulated for feedwaters with high levels of metal oxides, silica, and scale-forming minerals

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Hyper-Guard Plus 7000 - The Most Economical Way to Prevent Scale in Commercial RO Systems

hyperguard made in usaControlling the precipitation of certain cations or salts has long been an issue with making Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology economically viable. Scale precipitates on the membrane surfaces and permeate flow and quality are adversely affected. Excessive build-up on the membrane can permanently damage it and accelerate the need for replacement.

RO antiscalants, sometimes called scale inhibitors, are special chemical formulations that are added to increase the solubility of soluble salts. The use of such antiscalants can form an essential component in the operation of well run reverse osmosis systems.

Hyper-Guard+ 7000 is a powerful antiscalant, specially formulated for feedwaters with high levels of metal oxides, silica, and scale-forming minerals. It is effective over a wide range of concentrations, and does not flocculate dissolved polymers such as residual coagulants or iron or aluminum-rich silica. Use of this product is recommended for reducing the operating and capital costs of reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) systems.

Product Features

  • Effectively Controls
    • Polymerization and precipitation of silica.
    • Inorganic scale over a large concentration range.
    • Calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scales.
    • Precipitation of aluminum, iron, and heavy metal salts.
  • Compatible with RO, NF, and UF membranes from all major manufacturers.
  • Certified under ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for drinking water production.*
  • Effective in feedwaters with a pH range of 5.1-10.0
  • Does not flocculate dissolved iron/aluminum oxide/silica complexes.

Dilution Chart

GPD ROInitial: To 15 Gallons RO WaterOngoing: To Each Gallon RO Water
2,00030.0 oz2.0 oz
4,00039.1 oz2.6 oz
6,00049.2 oz3.3 oz
8,00058.2 oz3.9 oz
12,00096.0 oz6.4 oz
16,000113.0 oz7.5 oz

Based on US Water Hyper-Guard, 5 GPD Pump, 15 Gallon Tank. Set pump to "5" (50%). Stir tank weekly.

*Manufactured by King Lee Technologies for US Water Systems called PreTreatPlus 0100 by King Lee

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ManufacturerUS Water Systems
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