US Water 1.4 GPM High-Capacity DI Pod System

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US Water High-Capacity DI Pod System

US Water High Capacity Triple 1.4 GPM DI Pod System

Everyone knows that a reverse osmosis system ahead of a deionization system will cut DI costs from over 40 cents a gallon to below 3 cents a gallon, but what many people don't know is that the absolute best way to deliver DI water is with a US Water DI-POD, not with a big, bulky and labor-intensive exchange tank. A US Water DI-POD can save you thousands of dollars a year in exchange tank costs.


  • Utilizes series-flow DI Cartridges to achieve 1.4 GPM per DI-POD
  • Double o-ring cartridges prevent bypass and produce the highest quality water possible
  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frames with padded feet
  • 3/4" flow throughout
  • Includes filter wrench to remove housings
  • Includes choice of quality light for each bank so you can know when to change filters:
    • 50 K
    • 200 K
    • 500 K
    • 1 Megohm

Best for applications involving laboratory grade water, high purity water and all applications when exceptional quality water is needed.


  • 25" L x 29" H x 9" W

Assembled in USA

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American MadeYes
Filter Size4.5 x 20
ManufacturerUS Water Systems