US Water Grooved Sediment Depth Filter 2.5" x 20" 5 Micron | USWGS-2520-05

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We have replaced this product with a newer and better performing filter.  See the new filter here: US Water Systems Spun Poly Sediment Filter 2.5" x 20" 5 Micron

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made in usa

US Water 5 Micron 2.5" x 20" Grooved Gradient-Density Sediment Depth Filter

US Water Systems sediment depth filters are made of bacteria resistant pure polypropylene and are ideal for both residential and commercial use as well as on city or well water. These filters are popular in reverse osmosis systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Four Layer Gradient Density Design - The outer layers reduce larger particles and the inner layers reduce increasing finer-and -finer particles, which would ordinarily blind off standard filters. This allows the Grooved Sediment Cartridges from US Water Systems to have up to 4 times the dirt holding capacity of other sediment depth cartridges and up to 10 times the dirt-carrying capacity of string-wound cartridges. ADVANTAGE: Cartridges filter better and last much longer.
  • Grooved Design - Filters with grooves have up to 40% more surface area which provides dramatically better dirt-capturing capacity on the surface. ADVANTAGE: Cartridges filter better and last much longer.
  • Factory Certified Micron Ratings - Sediment depth filters are seldom very true to their ratings. We recently purchased 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 micron filters from a competitor. We tested them in our porosity meter and found that the only difference in the filters was the label. They all tested at 55 microns. All of our filters are Certified to +/- 5% of their rating. ADVANTAGE: You get the exact micron rating you want.
  • Exceeds FDA, NSF and WQA Requirements - Nothing to leach or to contaminate the water. Contains no binders, agents, solvents, antistatic materials or wetting agents (WQA Certification is pending).
  • Made in the USA - Our filters are not imported from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea or Mexico. They are all made in America.

5 micron filterSpecifications

  • Fits any standard 2.5" x 20" Filter Housing such as Ametek, Pentek, American Plumber, US Filter, Flowmatic, Watts, Culligan, and others
  • This filter is as good or better replacement for the following part numbers: SDC-25-2005, SDF-25-2005, 155016-43, P5-20, FPMB5-20, P5-20, P-5-20
  • Diameter: 2.5"
  • Length: 20"
  • Initial Flow Rate: 0.4 psi @ 10 GPM
  • Micron Rating: 5 Micron
  • Operating Temperature: 40°F to 145°F
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 145°F (63°C)
  • Maximum Pressure Drop: 46.4 PSI (3.199 bar)
  • Recommended Replace Pressure Drop: 21.75 PSI (1.49 bar)


  • US Water MB-20-05
  • Hydronix SDC-25-2005
  • Liquatec SDF-25-2005
  • Pentek 155016-43
  • Neo-Pure MB-25200-05
  • Pentek P5-20
  • Watts FPMB5-20
  • Culligan P-5-20

Fits Harmsco, Flowmatic, Ametek, Pentek, and most other standard 2.5" x 20" housings

additional information

American MadeYes
Filter Size2.5 x 20 (19.5)
Filter TypeSpun Polypropylene Sediment
Micron Rating5 Micron
ManufacturerUS Water Systems