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US Water Galaxy 4-Stage Filter Pack

SKU 201-FP4-GX


US Water Galaxy 4-Stage Filter Pack

This is a direct replacement for the US Water Galaxy 4-Stage reverse osmosis system. We recommend changing out your filters every 6-12 months and the membrane every 3-5 years. If you have adequate pre-filtration, such as a water softener, you can usually go longer between filter changes. Many people choose to purchase a TDS Meter which allows you to check the total dissolved solid content of your water. With this device, you can know for sure when your membrane need changed by measuring the rejection rate of the incoming water vs the outgoing water. We recommend replacing the RO membrane once it reaches 80% rejection or lower.


  • 5 micron sediment
  • 1 carbon filter
  • 1/4" FNPT In-Line Polishing Filter - Includes (2) quick connect fittings

50 GPD US Water Membrane (Optional)

American Made


Filter Size

2.5 x 10

Filter Type

Reverse Osmosis Filter Packs

Micron Rating

5 Micron


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