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US Water 1" Flow Light Duty Twin-Alternating Commercial Metered Water Softener | Up to 27 GPM

SKU 093-CWS-100-TA
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US Water 1" Flow Light Duty Twin-Alternating Commercial Water Softeners (Up to 27 GPM)

Ideal for higher flow applications that need soft water around the clock. The Controller utilizes one valve to control two tanks. When a pre-set amount of water passes through one tank, it switches to the second tank, while the first tank regenerates (it regenerates with soft water and fills the brine tank with soft water as well). It's the simple way to deliver soft water 24/7/365 for applications where low-to-moderate flow rates are required.


  • 21st Century computer electronics
  • Just two (2) moving parts in the water stream
  • 24-volt electrical system
  • 10-year warranty on tanks
  • 5-year warranty on valve & electronics
  • Premium-grade 8% cross-linked resin
  • Regenerates with clean, soft water –
  • Fills the Salt Tank With Soft Water - Prevents plugged injectors, saves on service!


  • Never run out of soft water - 24/7/365
  • Keeps resin cleaner - regenerates with soft water
  • Saves salt because it regenerates "precisely" when needed
  • Eliminates plugging of injectors - fills brine tank with soft water
  • Never worry about setting the time of day - it doesn't matter
  • Higher flow rates - minimal pressure drop
  • Less maintenance - fewer moving parts
ModelMax Capacity Per TankCu/Ft Resin Per TankContinuous Flow RatePeak Flow RateResin Tanks (x2)Brine TankWeight
CWS-100-30-TA30,0001.005 GPM10 GPM9 X 4818 X 35170
CWS-100-45-TA45,0001.507 GPM15 GPM10 X 5418 X 35240
CWS-100-60-TA60,0002.0010 GPM20 GPM12 X 5218 X 35310
CWS-100-75-TA75,0002.5013 GPM25 GPM13 X 5418 X 35385
CWS-100-90-TA90,0003.0015 GPM27 GPM14 X 6518 X 35420

*Ask for written copy of warranty for full details.

*See Shipping & Returns Policy for further details.


10 Year Warranty on Tanks
5 Year Warranty on Valve and Electronics


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