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US Water Escort High Capacity Portable Water Softener

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The US Water Escort Portable Compact Water Conditioner is designed for applications where soft water is desired but a permanent connection is not available, such as RV's, Marine Applications, Apartments, Mobile Homes, Light Manufacturing and homes without electricity.

An Escort Portable Water Softener delivers soft water which eliminates or reduces lime, hard water and rust stains. It prevents limescale build-up, improves the taste and odor, increases the life of all water-using fixtures and appliances.You will appreciate how it reduces dry skin while increasing lathering of soaps and all cleaning agents. It comes with a 5-Micron Pre-filter, which also serves as the chamber where salt is added. We recommend that it be Backflushed at least once a month, and instructions are included showing how this can easily be done.

The Escort Portable Water Softener includes the filter, hardness test strips, inlet shut off valve, inlet and outlet hose adapters. Anyone can build a portable water softener, but no one builds one this good. It's compact design saves space and can fit into even the smallest spaces. It uses the highest grade of Cation-Exchange Resin. It's full-flow piping and head allows for flows of up to 12 GPM with little-to-no pressure drop. It can easily be regenerated (re-charged) in about an hour.


  • Cross-linked Premium Cation Exchange Resin
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Resin Tank
  • Five-Year Warranty on the Head and All Other Parts
  • Rugged Heavy-Duty Head Assembly
  • Includes Upper and Lower Distributors to Prevent Resin Discharge
  • Includes Hardness Test Strips to Measure Water Hardness
  • Includes 5-Micron Pleated Filter and Stainless Steel Nipple
  • Includes High-Flow Shut-off Valve
  • Includes Installation Manual and 365 Days a Year Technical Support

Engineering Specifications

ModelTank SizeGrain Cap.Cu/Ft.Max FlowSalt RequiredWeight
EPWS-18 x 1710,000.33 GPM3 lbs.50
EPWS-28 x 3522,000.77 GPM6 lbs75

Option: Add a Carbon Post-Filter for taste, odor and chlorine removal

NOTE: While you can use table salt to regenerate the Escort Portable Water Softener, we recommend canning salt. If your water source contains significant amounts of iron (rust), you will want to use a product like Rust Out.


Tanks - Lifetime
Resin - Lifetime
All Other Parts - 5 Years

Resin Type

10% Crosslinked

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