US Water Controller For All Pulsar UV Disinfection Systems

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US Water Controller for all Pulsar and USWUV UV Disinfection Systems

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US Water Controller for all Pulsar and USWUV Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

Fits the following Models

  • US Water 405-PUV-200-06
  • US Water 408-USWUV-03
  • US Water 408-USWUV-06
  • US Water 405-PUV-200-10
  • US Water 408-USWUV-10
  • US Water 408-USWUV-15
  • US Water 405-PUV-200-20
  • US Water 408-USWUV-20

Note: If you are ordering this controller as the replacement, you will need to order a replacement lamp as well. If you have a UV sensor that was purchased prior to 2017, you will need to update the sensor as well. Please call 800-608-8792 for help selecting the proper replacement parts.

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