US Water Big Blue Commercial Triple Filtration System 4.5 X 20 | BBF3-20

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This 3-Stage filtration system is designed to filter the water supply for a whole house or other pre-filtration application for business or industry

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Product Description

Product Description

US Water Commercial Three-Stage 4.5" x 20" Water Filtration System

  • 3/4" or 1" Full Flow Inlet & Outlet
  • Includes mounting bracket, screws, and filter wrench.
  • Flows up to 25 GPM, depending upon filters utilized.

20" Commercial-Grade Cartridge Filter Housing With 3/4" or 1" Inlet/Outlet - Includes Pressure Relief Valve

This is a commercial-grade high-quality, rugged filter housing built to withstand severe conditions.  It's exclusive thread design provides superior sealing and greater security against leaks.  The replacement filters are compatible with any 4.5" x 20" filter cartridge on the market.  It uses the same cartridges as Ametek, American Plumber, Culligan, Flowmatic, Liquatec, Pentek and Watts, as well as most other brands of housings.

Filter Options

  • 20, 5, & 1 Micron Pleated filters for removing finer dirt and sediment (typically used for well water)
  • 20 micron, 5 micron, & Radial Carbon filters for removing dirt, sediment, and chlorine (typically used for city water)
  • 20 micron, 5 micron, & Carbon Block for removing dirt, sediment, and chlorine (typically used for reverse osmosis pre-treatment)


  • Manufactured from the highest quality, FDA grade, 100% NSF listed polypropylene
  • Leak-proof sealing is accomplished by compression against a top seated EPDM o-ring located in the housing’s sump
  • Thick wall and added ribs make the housings ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Buttress Thread Design Provides Superior Sealing & Greater Security
  • Polypropylene construction provides excellent chemical resistance with most acids, alcohol, ammonia, oils, plating solutions and many aggressive chemicals
  • Housings supplied with pressure release valves
  • Rated for temperatures to 100°F and pressures to 90 psi
  • Utilizes 20 in. Big Blue Commercial Housing with Pressure Relief Valve
  • 3/4" or 1" Inlet & Outlet

NOTE: If you are unsure what type of filter would be best for your application, contact one of our Certified Water Specialists at 800-608-USWA or e-mail us at

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Additional Information

Additional Information

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Manufacturer US Water Systems

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

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Product FAQs

Product FAQs

  • On the features sections of the filters you say >Polypropylene construction provides excellent chemical resistance with most acids, alcohol, ammonia, oils, plating solutions and many aggressive chemicals. Sediment in water doesn't hurt the human body and it sounds like all these filters do is keep sediment out. I want to keep the bad chemicals out . What filter does that.

    What you are reading is about the structural integrity of the system.  That system has no filters in it to filter out anything.  It is simply stating that if you want to filter other things you can.

    If you want to filter the most contaminants, this is the Ultimate:  

  • what are the low temperature specs on US Water Big Blue Commercial Triple Filtration System 4.5 X 20 | BBF3-20

    You do not want it to freeze. We recommend 40 degrees minimum temperature rating.

  • Does this system come with filters already? If not, can I add them to the product before putting it in the cart?

    This product has options to select whether or not to add filters.

  • Can I use brass for inlet/outlet connections. If I use plastic should I use teflon on threads.

    Yes, you can use brass and we recommend teflon tape on ANY threaded connection.

  • What are the physical dimensions of the unit in inches?What clearance (in inches) at the bottom is needed to change a filter?Are there ports on the filter housing to install pre and post pressure gauges?Are the inlet/outlet threads reinforced or just p

    The dimensions of this system are:

    • 23" wide
    • 25" tall
    • 9" in depth

    The clearance needed to remove the filter sumps is roughly 6 inches.

    The inlet/outlet threads are plastic. There isn't a port on this system for a pressure gauge, however, we do offer a kit which includes brass fittings, gauges, & shut off valves for 3/4 and 1 inch applications.

  • Is this product made in the USA?

    This product is assembled in the US from globally sourced components.