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US Water Backwashing Sediment Filter 1.5 Inch | 21-62 GPM

SKU 140-28F-SED
REGULAR PRICE: $2,600.05 $1,560.00 to $2,720.00

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REGULAR PRICE: $2,600.05 $1,560.00 to $2,720.00


1.5 Inch US Water Commercial Backwashing Sediment Filter | 21 GPM to 62 GPM

The US Water Backwashing Sediment Filter is designed to remove sand, silt and sediment to below 5 microns. It backwashes the solids down the drain so that there are no cartridges to change.


  • Flow rates from 21 GPM to 62 GPM
  • Fully-adjustable Fleck 2815 time-clock filter valve
  • Lead-free brass valve body for superior strength and durability
  • Automatic 12-day mechanical time-clock control (shown right)
    • Optional NXT2 Computerized Controller – Provides tremendous flexibility
  • Time-tested hydraulically-balanced piston, seals and spacers designed to control service flow and backwashing
  • Just one internal moving part
  • NSF Certified fiberglass resin tanks (tanks are generally natural in color, but can vary)
  • 1.5" Full-flow hub and lateral Distributors on all systems
  • Used to reduce sediment before other treatment products
  • Ideal for RO pre-treatment


Model NumberCubic Feet MediaPounds GravelPeak Flow RateBackwash Flow RateMineral TankShipping Weight
140-28F-CSB-335021 GPM15 GPM14 x 65300 lbs
140-28F-CSB-445028 GPM20 GPM16 x 65475 lbs
140-28F-CSB-557533 GPM25 GPM18 x 65650 lbs
710050 GPM35 GPM21 x 62775 lbs
140-28F-CSB-101012562 GPM40 GPM24 x 721100 lbs

Remember: In order to get proper filtration, you need prolonged contact with the media.  Therefore, it’s better to oversize the filter than undersize it. You should base your flow rate on the continuous flow, not the maximum flow.

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