US Water Aquatrol 56SE Professional Grade Metered Water Softener

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Economy Price – Advanced Design
Compare to Fleck 5600 Updated for 21st Century
Flows Up to 20 GPM
5-Year Valve and Electronics Warranty
Lifetime Warranty on Tanks

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Product Description

Product Description

US Water SystemsAquatrol

Advanced Design - Economy Price!

So, you are looking for water softener and you have a limited budget? Where are you going to go? Well many people go to the Big Box Stores, like Lowes, Sears, Home Depot or Menards. Others go on the web and buy something like a 5600 Fleck Valve. However, before you buy any water softener from any big box store or on the internet, you owe it to yourself to consider five things, such as:

  1. What is the warranty on the control valve? The control valve on a water softener is what controls the service and regeneration cycles of the water softener and is prone to fail. Some more so than others. The cost to rebuild a control valve is from $150 to $250.
  2. What is the warranty on the electronics? Electronics are wonderful; until they fail. They fail more frequently if they are in an environment where they are subjected to high humidity, high temperatures or salty air. That's why with the Aquatrol 56SE the salt container and the electronics are separated.
  3. Is the Control Valve and Electronics in the same tank as the salt? Would you buy a new car and drive it down to the beach and set it in the surf, allowing the salt water to splash on it? How long would it be before it was a rusty, bucket of bolts?
  4. What is the warranty on the tanks? Tanks should last a lifetime, but some don't. How long is the tank warranty?
  5. Is it a rotary valve or a piston valve? It's a proven fact that a water softener with a single moving part (a piston) has much more longevity than a rotary valve with lots of surface area that moves.
  6. Does the company selling it actually have real technical support? Pick up the phone and call them for installation or technical support. Get a big comfortable chair, because you might have to wait a while - if ever. Some just don't answer their phones.


Retail Softener Comparison Chart

Sears Kenmore




US Water Aquatrol

Valve Warranty

1 Year

3 Years

1 Year

1 Year

5 Years

Electronics Warranty

1 Year

3 Years

1 Year

3 Years

5 Years

Controls in Same Tank as Salt






Tank Warranty

10 Years

10 Years

10 Years

10 Years


Rotary Valve







More features and benefits than any water softener in this price range

  1. Electronic Meter-Control Only Works on Demand - Never waste a pound of salt or run out of soft water.
  2. Designed like Fleck 5600 - Just updated for the 21st Century
  3. Easy Programming - Intuitive, Simple-to-Set
  4. Capicator Backup - Keeps Memory for 24 Hours in Case of Power Failure, so You Never Have to Re-Set It
  5. 24 Volt Electrical System - No Danger of Electrical Shock and Uses About $2.00 a Year of Electricity
  6. Just One (1) Internal Moving Part - Fewer Moving Parts Means Less Service
  7. Built-in Bypass Valve -Allows You to Bypass or Turn off System on Command
  8. Safety Brine Valve - Prevents Accidental Brine Tank Overflow
  9. Lifetime Tank Warranty - You Know This is the Last Tank You Have to Buy
  10. 10% Premium Cross-linked Resin - We use premium grade resin which will last twice as long compared to what other companies use
  11. Five-Year Valve and Electronics Warranty - Up to 500% More Warranty Than Big Box Store Softeners
  12. US Water's Tech Support - Manuals, Videos and Live Support 7-Days a Week

Compare to the Fleck 5600

While the Aquatrol 56SE looks similar to the Fleck 5600SE, it has a few important differences.

  • Aquatrol's 5-year warranty covers normal wear and tear on internal parts, the Fleck 5600 doesn't cover normal wear and tear on internal parts.
  • Our piston technology eliminates external leaks, the Fleck 5600 doesn't.


The Only Excuse Was That You Didn't Know... AND NOW YOU DO!

As you can see, the US Water Aquatrol has a Lifetime tank warranty while all of the other have a 10-year warranty. That's not such a big deal because tanks generally don't go bad. They last forever, but we are the only company that guarantees it! Where the real difference shows is the warranty on the valve and the electronics - The US Water Aquatrol 56SE has a 5-Year Warranty on both while Kenmore, Morton and Whirlpool have just 1 year.

All manufacturers except US Water, put the softener controls and electronics in the SAME TANK as the salt? How crazy is that? Salt is corrosive and the water in the bottom of the tank creates a corrosive, humid environment for the controls that causes early death to the controls. It's a big business to replace these parts.

Why on earth would you buy a rotary valve softener with a 1-Year Warranty on the parts that go bad when you can have a warranty that is 500% longer? The only excuse is that you didn't know; but now you do.


Model Resin Tank Cu/Ft. Resin Grain Capacity Brine Tank Max Flow Height
076-AQT-56SE-100 9 x 48 1.00 35,000 Grains 15" x 35" 10 GPM 54"
076-AQT-56SE-150 10 x 54 1.50 53,000 Grains 15" x 35" 15 GPM 60"
076-AQT-56SE-200 12 x 52 2.00 70,000 Grains 15" x 35" 20 GPM 58"

This system can be regenerated using potassium. Potassium may be slightly less efficient (i.e, you may have to set the salt usage up about 10%)

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Availability In Stock
Manufacturer US Water Systems
Removes Chlorine No
Resin Type 10% Crosslinked
Warranty Tanks: Lifetime
Valve & Electronics: 5 Years
Resin: 5 Years

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

  • 7/21/2014

    I was all set to buy a water softener from one of those big box stores as you call them but then I ran across your video and saw quite soon that I would have to take leave of my senses to buy a softener with such a miserable warranty. I liked what you had to say and your spokesman was pretty too!

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Product FAQs

Product FAQs


Ask a Question

  • Does this unit treat acidic also or which unit will?

    No, it only softens the water.  A pH neutralizer or injection systems is needed to raise the pH, depending upon water chemistry:

  • How do you determine what size tank is needed?

    Right under where it says “Choose Size” is:  Not sure which Size to choose? Click here for Help.
    Just select the number of persons and number of baths and it will tell you which one you need.

  • I am on well water where would the system be installed? Before or after the pressure tank? My sequence is water in, pressure tank, hot water heater, house.

    Always after the pressure tank

  • Six years ago I purchased your Filox softening system. I have been very happy with it, but I'm moving so I need to buy a new system. I don't remember how much water the Filox system uses when it regenerates, and I'd like to compare that against this one (Aquatrol 56SE). Are they comparable?

    Filox is an iron filter, not a softener.  The Aquatrol 56SE is a softener.

     Filox is old technology, but I am not sure what you need.

    We would need to know whether you are on city or well water at the new place your are moving to and receive a water test before we can recommend a system.

  • Does that tank come with the Resin preloaded or we do it by ourselves

    We do not ship tanks loaded with resin.  It takes 5 minutes to load it and we provide a funnel for easy loading. The reason being is: shipping damages rise 80% when you ship tank full of resin, as the tanks often fall over and break during transit.

  • Dose this softener reduce water pressure ?

    It is full 1” flow throughout and does not reduce the flow.  We have never had any complaints.

  • I've read that water that is treated with a water softener system is not recommended for plants, pets or people with high blood pressure. Is that true? Thanks, C

    We certainly would not recommend it for Plants, but generally the sodium is not a big deal.  Read this from the Mayo Clinic on sodium:

    That said, there are a lot worse things in the water than sodium.  This can remove the sodium and all other chemicals for drinking and cooking:

  • how much iron can it remove also how much hardness can it remove?

    Remember this:  Water softeners use cation exchange resin to soften water.  They are not made to remove iron, BUT if the pH is low and the iron is not bacterial in nature, then sometimes the iron can be removed.  There are a lot of factors involved, most of which depend upon what other contaminants are in the water.  We have seen water softeners take out 44 ppm iron in certain circumstances, and seen them not be able to take out 1 ppm in other cases.  If you have a detailed water analysis, then I can give you a better idea.  Many companies say their water softeners can take out 10-15 ppm of iron and 80-100 grains of hardness and ours will too, but we generally don’t advise it.  Iron is best removed by oxidation, such as this:

  • I already have a plastic brine tank with my current system. Can I just buy the Softener/Resin tank and hook it to my existing brine tank?

    Yes, it will save you roughly $100

  • on a regeneration cycle how many gallons do your systems dump down the drain

    The Aquatrol 1-1.5 cubic foot systems will waste 60-80 gallons per regeneration.  However, our Fusion NLT (include link) uses much less. The Fusion NLT is a high efficiency unit. If water conservation is a concern, the Fusion NLT is the system you want. 

  • What's the up keep on it ?

    Keep salt in the brine tank.

  • How to I choose GPM for my water softener ?

    You can tell us how many bathrooms and number of people in the family or use the calculator right below the Flow Rate selection...the link looks like this:  Not sure which Size to choose? Click here for Help.

  • Much much salt is consumed during a regeneration?

    It would depend on the size(GPM/Grains).

  • Does this use hard water or soft water to back wash?

    Just like most other water softener valves, this would use hard water to backwash.

  • What requirements must be met to install a water softener? (ie: Power, plumbing, drain.)

    Requirements would be:

    • Accessible water supply
    • 110V outlet
    • Drain connection
  • I just ordered the 080-FSC-200 how much salt do I need for the initial start-up?
    You can start it with as little as 1 bag of salt, but the brine tank will hold roughly 4-5 bags.
  • I have a 080-FSC-100 water softener on order. How much salt should I buy for the initial filling?

    4-5 40lb Bags

  • Will this softener help with iron content in the water?

    It will help, but how well it works depends upon the amount of iron, type of iron and the pH.

  • What kind of valve/control head do you use on your FSC-series softeners?

    It is a head that is made for us.  It is basically a Fleck 5600 valve body with proprietary controls.