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US Water American Revolution High Purity RO-DI System | 20-200 GPD

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Whatever your high purity water needs, the US Water American Revolution RO-DI system is highly dependable, extremely efficient and has the best warranty of any High-Purity Water Treatment system. It can supply water up to 12-16 meg ohm in quality and is both simple to install and operate. Without RO, the cost of DI water can exceed fifty cents a gallon, but with RO being the primary demineralization method, this cuts actual costs to two to five cents a gallon (depending upon incoming water conditions).

  • Step 1: Pulsar Interceptor Pre-Filter – Filters Sediment, solids, lead, Chromium 6, silica, bacteria, cysts, and virus.
  • Step 2: Catalytic Carbon Tank – Removes chlorine and chlorine to protect RO membranes.
  • Step 3: Reverse Osmosis System and Storage Tank – Includes Carbon Block Pre- Filter, 1 micron sediment filter, and Pulsar Disrupter Post-Filter to provide bacteria-free water
  • Step 4: DI Tank #1 – With nuclear grade Mixed-Bed Resin
  • Step 5: DI Tank #2 – With nuclear grade Mixed-Bed Resin
  • Step 6: 0.2 Micron Post Filter – The final step

This system is designed for minimal maintenance and highly efficient operation. If you use 25 to 75 gallons per day, the filter cartridges generally have to be changed every 6 to 12 months. With higher usage, it is proportionately more often. With the DI tanks, there is a 1 meg ohm quality light between the tanks. When the light turns red, you simply remove the cartridge from tank #2 and put it in tank #1 and put a new cartridge in tank #2.

In most applications, each tank will deliver in excess of 20,000 gallons before it needs the DI cartridge changed.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Energy System – Operates at 80 psi (not 200 or 250 like competitors’ systems) which saves approximately 50% on energy consumption and extends system life due to not being subject to the high-pressure stress.
  • High Efficiency System – Many reverse osmosis systems waste up to six gallons for every gallon they make. Our system can waste just one gallon for every gallon made.
  • Longest Warranty – When you build them better, you can guarantee them better and we do – Our system has a three-year comprehensive warranty (except for consumables).
  • Easy Change Filters and Membranes – Filter change intervals are long and all of the filters can be changed in less than 10 minutes by an untrained person. 
  • State-of-the-Art RO System – With stainless steel pump, TDS monitor, sampling valve, gauges, flow meters, powder-coated aluminum frame that will not rust, and 40 gallon storage tank.
ConfigurationSingle Pass
Feed Water SourceTDS < 1000
Standard Recovery Rate25-30%
Rejection and Flow Rates
Nominal Salt Rejection %98.5
Permeate Flow* gpm (lpm)0.35 (1.30)
Minimum Feed Flow gpm (lpm)1.35 (5.10)
Maximum Feed Flow gpm (lpm)6.00 (22.70)
Minimum Concentrate Flow gpm (lpm)1.00 (3.70)
Feed inch1/2 Tube
Permeate inch1/2 Tube
Concentrate inch3/8 Tube
Membranes(s) Per Vessel1
Membrane Quantity2
Membrane Size2.5" x 21"
Vessel Array1:1
Vessel Quantity2
Pump TypeStainless Steel Rotary Vane 411
Motor HP (kw)1/3 (.24)
RPM @ 60 (50 Hz)1725 (1465)
Standard Voltage110V 60Hz 1 PH
Voltage Amp Draw6.6
System Dimensions ***
L x W x H inch (cm)21 x 21 x 68 (53.3 x 53.3 x 172.7)
Weight lb. (kg)170 (77)

*Product Flow rates are based on equipment test parameters.
**Call for other voltage options.
***Does not include operating space requirements.

Operating Limits
Maximum Feed Temperature °F (°C)85 (29.00)
Minimum Feed Temperature °F (°C)40 (4.44)
Maximum Ambient Temperature °F (°C)120 (48.89)
Minimum Ambient Temperature °F (°C)40 (4.44)
Maximum Feed Pressure psi
Minimum Feed Pressure psi45
Maximum Piping Pressure psi
Maximum SDI Rating SDI< 3
Maximum Free Chlorine ppm0
Maximum TDS ppm1000
Maximum Hardness gpg0
Maximum pH (Continuous)11
Minimum pH (Continuous)2
Maximum pH (Cleaning 30 min)13
Minimum pH (Cleaning 30 min)1
Maximum Turbidity NTU1

Test Parameters: *550 TDS Filtered (5 Micron), De-Chlorinated, Municipal Feed Water, 65 psi (4.50 bar) Feed Pressure, 80 psi (5.52 bar) Operating Pressure, 77°F (25°C), Recovery as stated, 7.0 pH. Data taken after 60 minutes of operation. Scale prevention measures must be taken to prolong membrane life.

Low temperatures and high feed water TDS levels will significantly affect system’s production capabilities. Computer projections should be run for individual applications which do not meet or exceed minimum and maximum operating limits.

NOTE: US Water rates their reverse osmosis systems under industry standards which are tested at 77 degree F, 500 TDS and 60 psi pressure.  Production can vary dramatically depending upon water pressure, temperature and TDS (total dissolved solids) levels.  US Water does not make these standards - we just adhere to the industry standards when testing and report what the standards require.  Every manufacturer uses these standards.


3 Year

RO Production

0-.9 GPM


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