US Water Systems All American 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

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100% Made In America 5-Stage Professional Grade Reverse Osmosis System with a 5-Year Warranty. This is the ONLY RO on the market that is truly Made In America.

100% Made In America 5-Stage Professional Grade Reverse Osmosis System

The One and Only 100% Made in the USA RO

Peace Of Mind with Quality American Craftsmanship | 100% Made In The USA

Reduce water waste by up to 80%

5-Stages of Purification 


5 Micron Sediment Filter

Reduces Dirt, Sand and Rust

Carbon Block Filter

Reduces Chlorine, Objectionable Tastes and Odors

1 Micron Special Blend Carbon Block Filter 

Reduces Chloramine, Lead, Cysts

50 GPD or 100 GPD 1:1 Membrane

Reduce water waste by up to 80%

Carbon Post Filter

Refines and enhances taste




Double O-ring Technology Prevents Typical Filter Bypass, Leaving Water Fresh, Clean, And Pure.

Non-Electric High Pressure Option

Delivers Amazing Pressure! 

If you have an icemaker or want higher pressure for your reverse osmosis system, then the High Pressure Permeate Pump RO is an incredible solution. RO systems lose 30% to 40% of their pressure in the reverse osmosis process but not this one! You wont believe the pressure and volume when you use the non-electric permeate pump reverse osmosis system.



It is ideal for using with ice-makers

5 Reasons To Choose the High Pressure Permeate Pump

  1. It makes water twice as fast as an ordinary RO
  2. It makes higher quality water than an ordinary RO
  3. It wastes less water than any ordinary RO
  4. It delivers the highest pressure at the faucet
  5. It is ideal for use with ice-makers

Healthier Living Starts With Better Water

Eco Friendly

Now you can quit clogging landfills with plastic by making your own pure, delicious water right at home


Clean and Healthy

Eliminate a plethora of harmful contaminants, heavy metals and chemicals


Pet Friendly

9 out of 10 Cats and Dog pefer it

Typical Contaminant Reduction -- 93% to 99.99%

Effective for PFOA / PFAS and thousands of others contaminants

Amoebic Cysts99.00%Nickel95.00%
Cryptosporidium Cysts97.00%Strontium97.00%
Giardia Lamblia Cysts99.00%Trihalomethane98.00%
Lead97.00%Volatile Organics95.00%
Magnesium97.00%Z, 4-D95.00%

Built Better To Last Longer - Guaranteed

Made in USA Lead-Free Ceramic Disc Faucet – The Highest Quality Faucet on the Market in Your Choice of Colors

100% Made in the USA with the Highest Quality FDA and NSF Compliant Resins

The Sediment Filter, Carbon Filters, Membrane and Polishing Filter are all 100% American Made

The 4.5 Gallon Storage Tank has a 5-Year Warranty and is Made in the USA

Includes Everything For Typical Under Sink Installation  

Color-Coded Filters and Membrane are pre-installed in the housings for ease of installation

The Best in the Business – Most valves leak after a year or two.  These have  a 5 year Warranty

Just four connections and you are good to go.

Comes with Tube Cutter

3/8” Quick Connect faucet adapter for easy installation.  Provides up to 40% more flow

1/4” John Guest Quick Connect drain connector.  Easy to install, easy to connect

4.5 Gallon RO Storage Tank Manufactured by Amtrol exclusively for US Water Systems

Securely allows the tank to sit upright or lay on it’s side to conserve space

Allows you to easily remove the housings to change filters

Used to prevent connection leaks.

We include a FREE TDS Meter with our All-American RO.  

 We include a syringe and sanitizing solution.

Instructions to help the installation go quickly and smoothly.

Tools Needed For Installation

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DimensionsRO Module: 16" w x 19" h x 7" d RO Module (with permeate pump): 16" w x 19" h x 8" d Tank: 11" d x 16" h
Warranty5 Year Warranty
American MadeYes
ManufacturerUS Water Systems
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