US Water Patriot 6.0 GPM High-Flow DI Quad System

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High Flow 6.0 GPM High Flow DI Quad Parallel Deionization System

US Water Patriot DI

High Flow 6.0 GPM High Flow DI Quad Parallel Deionization System

The absolute best way to deliver DI water when you need high flows is with a US Water DI-QUAD, not with a big, bulky and labor-intensive exchange tank. A US Water DI-QUAD can save you thousands of dollars a year in exchange tank costs. You can manifold two or four systems together to get a peak flow of 12 or 24 GPM. The DI Quad is best for applications involving laboratory grade water, high purity water and all applications when exceptional quality water is needed.


  • Utilizes parallel-flow DI Cartridges to achieve 6.0 GPM Peak Flow
  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frames with padded feet
  • Filters are at a height where they can be easily changed standing up
  • 3/4" flow throughout
  • Built with Schedule 80 PVC for high-purity water
  • Includes filter wrench to remove housings
  • OPTIONAL: Choice of quality light for each bank so you can know when to change filters:
    • 50 K
    • 200 K
    • 500 K
    • 1 Meg/ohm


  • 38" L x 44" H x 18" W


Remember, the Highest purity water is made with prolonged contact. The longer the contact time, the higher the quality water.

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Filter Size4.5 x 20
ManufacturerUS Water Systems