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US Water 2 GPM Portable Mixed Bed DI System

SKU 505-DI820
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2 GPM Mixed Bed DI Tank System

At a TDS of below 5 PPM, this tank will deliver approximately 7,500 gallons of DI  water.   You can flow up to 3 GPM intermittently with this system, but the highest quality water will be produced if the flow is kept to below 2 GPM for longer contact times.

  • All Virgin Resin - Never Used or Regenerated
  • Includes 3/4" In/Out Head
  • Upper and Lower Distribution System to prevent resin loss
  • Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Tank
  • Tank is 8" Diameter x 20" High with 3/4" Inlet and Out Fittings
  • Tank Contains .33 cu/ft of ResinTech MBD-10-SC Semiconductor-Grade Resin
  • Capacity: .33 cubic feet
  • Optional: DI Quality Light (50K, 200K, 500K, 1 Meg/Ohm

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