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Traxx SpaceSaver Water Softener

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US Water Traxx SpaceSaver Water Softener With Smartphone Programming

This Softener Might Be Right For You:

  • If you have limited space, but want a premium quality water softener, then the Traxx might be right for you.
  • If you know that the Big Box Store brand water softeners, like Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool, Morton and Water Boss are not the solution to your water problems, the Traxx might be right for you.
  • If you want to eliminate those primitive dinosaur programming buttons, the Waterlogix App is available for FREE on your Apple or Android smartphone, then the Traxx might be right for you.
  • If you are looking at a Fleck 5600, Fleck 5812, Fleck 2510 or any other Fleck Valve type water softener, the Traxx beats them every step of the way, especially the warranty.
  • If you want a water softener with a REAL WARRANTY on the valve and electronics, not one like Fleck that does not cover the internal parts, then the Traxx and its 7-Year Warranty on the Valve and Electronics might be just what you want.
  • If you insist on Made in America products, then the TRAXX is definitely right for you.

Waterlogix App

  • Communicates with your Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Simply set the hardness, time of regeneration, and then set the actual time of your Smartphone it sets itself automatically
  • Reads current flow rate and peak flow rate
  • Monitors todays water usage, monthly water usage and remaining battery life
  • Uses 9 Volt battery, so that if power goes out during regeneration, it automatically returns to service so as not to continually waste water to the drain
  • Fully programmable cycles and salt usage
  • Can be precision tuned to use as little salt as desired

Traxx SpaceSaver Features

  • Traxx SpaceSaver Technology saves up to 75% on salt and regeneration water
  • 10 Year Warranty on Tanks 7 Year Warranty on Valve and Electronics
  • Premium 8%-Crosslinked Ion-Exchange Resin
  • Exceptionally rugged and long-lasting Commercial-Grade
  • Extremely low pressure drop
  • Full 1 ports flow up to 27 gpm
  • Just one internal moving part
  • Soft water brine tank refill keeps injectors clean
  • 1" Stainless Steel Bypass
  • Made in USA


Tank Size10" X 35"10" x 40"10" X 44"
Capacity (cu/ft)0.751.01.25
Maximum Capacity *27,000 Grains35,000 Grains44,000 Grains
High Efficiency Settings **
Capacity11,000 Grains15,000 Grains18,000 Grains
Salt Setting2 lbs3 lbs4 lbs
Water Usage40 Gallons50 Gallons60 Gallons
4 Minutes
5 Minutes
6 Minutes
40 Minutes
50 Minutes
60 Minutes
Fast Rinse
4 Minutes
5 Minutes
6 Minutes
Brine Refill
2 Minutes
2 Minutes
3 Minutes
Optimal Settings
Capacity18,000 Grains24,000 Grains30,000 Grains
Salt Setting4 lbs6 lbs10 lbs
Water Usage45 Gallons56 Gallons72 Gallons
Backwash4 Minutes
5 Minutes
6 Minutes
Brine/Rinse40 Minutes
50 Minutes
60 Minutes
Fast Rinse6 Minutes
7 Minutes
10 Minutes
Brine Refill3 Minutes
4 Minutes
7 Minutes
Maximum Settings
Capacity25,000 Grains32,000 Grains42,000 Grains
Salt Setting10 lbs12 lbs15 lbs
Water Usage52 Gallons60 Gallons74 Gallons
Backwash4 Minutes
5 Minutes
6 Minutes
Brine/Rinse40 Minutes
50 Minutes
60 Minutes
Fast Rinse8 Minutes
8 Minutes
10 Minutes
Brine Refill7 Minutes
8 Minutes
10 Minutes
Backwash Flow2.4 gpm
Brine Flow0.5 gpm
Service Flow Rate7 gpm10 gpm12 gpm
Peak Flow Rate10 gpm12 gpm15 gpm
Pressure Drop @ Service Flow5-7 PSI
Pressure Drop @ Peak Flow15-20 PSI
Water PressureMin. 20 - Max. 100 PSI
Water TemperatureMin 39° - Max. 100° Fahrenheit
Plumbing Connections1" FNPT
Electrical RequirementsInput 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.3 A - Output 12V 500mA
Brine Tank Size11" x 11" x 38"11" x 11" x 38"11" x 11" x 38"
Salt Storage Capacity156 lbs156 lbs156 lbs

* Capacity when new
** Treating moderate hardness only

American Made



Tanks: 10 Years
Valve & Electronics: 7 Years (Includes Internal Parts)

Resin Type

8% Crosslinked


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