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Top 20 Benefits and Reasons to Buy the GreenWave System

  1. Salt-Free, Chemical-Free:

    The only maintenance needed is to change the Carbon Filter once a year - Perfect for the state of California where salt-based softeners are banned, and other states where they are viewed as undesirable.
  2. No Backwashing or Regeneration:

    No backwashing means no salty waste water, no regeneration, and no drain to install. This system is 100% environmentally friendly!
  3. Guaranteed Scale Prevention:

    Prolongs the life of plumbing, pipes, faucets, fixtures, and keeps home appliances from clogging with lime, or calcium carbonate. Much easier clean up of hard water spotting on cars, windows, and dishes.
  4. Guaranteed Scale Removal:

    Removes existing scale that is already in your home's pipes, and plumbing using NAC Technology.
  5. Easier on the Skin:

    Calcium & magnesium lose their adhesion ability, and the chlorine or chloramines which irritate the skin are removed.
  6. Reduces Hard Water Spotting:

    Spotting will be reduced, and spots can easily be wiped away wherever water touches - dishes, mirrors, bathtubs...
  7. Cost Effective:

    No salt to buy, save up to $300 every year!
  8. Never Lift Heavy Salt Bags Again:

    Lifting heavy salt bags is not an Olympic sport!
  9. Conditioned Water Without the Slippery Feel:

    Limits the slick or slimy feel of water that is softened by salt.
  10. Some Consumers Report Using Less Detergents:

    Whiter & brighter clothes!
  11. No Electricity:

    No hidden energy expenses, and no time consuming programmable controls to set and understand.
  12. Save 30% or More on Energy Expenses:

    This is due to the increased efficiency of hot water heaters, to say nothing of increasing the life of the water heater.
  13. Virtually No Maintenance or Upkeep Costs:

    Once you plumb it in, you can forget it! Just change the carbon filter once a year and the NAC media every 5-7 years or 750,000 gallons.
  14. Known Health Benefits:

    Traditional ion-exchange water softeners produce salty water which contains higher sodium content.  Lowering sodium intake can reduce health risks and improve your cardiovascular system according to the latest information from the World Health Organization.
  15. Increase efficiency & Prolongs Life:

    All of your pipes, fixtures, ice makers, faucets and all home appliances will work better and last longer with a Green Wave System.
  16. Easy to Install, No Electric or Drain:

    Compact system fits anywhere with ease. Simply connect to the main supply line of your house. Pipe in, pipe out.
  17. Utilizes Components Which Are WQA Tested & Certified:

    All components & media are tested & certified to NSF/ANSI-61 Quality Standards.
  18. Worry & Hassle-Free:

    Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  19. Deal Direct & Save:

    By dealing direct with the manufacturer, you receive the highest quality & service!
  20. Made in the USA!

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