Water Testing

There is an old saying in the Carpentry Business - "Measure Twice - Cut Once!" Yet, people continue to want to install water treatment devices on their water systems WITHOUT any testing and then are stunned to find out they don't work. Proper water treatment starts with accurate water testing. We have water tests that you can complete yourself, as well as professional-grade test kits which are good for multiple uses. If you have questions about which method is best for testing different contaminants or what test you should use, you can e-mail us at info@uswatersystems.com or call one of our water experts at 800-608-8792.

As a general rule, we suggest that our customers purchase one of our water tests before buying a system. The test is sent off to an independent 3rd party laboratory for testing. This allows us to provide independent and unbiased facts to our customers regarding the underlying cause of their current water issues. More importantly, it allows us to provide different solutions to the water issues that our customers face. Even better, if you choose to go with one of our recommended systems, the water test acts as a $100 credit towards the purchase price.

Receive A Richly Detailed Report

SimpleLab's water quality reports provides a richly detailed overview
of what's in your water and what it means for your plumbing and your health.

all weather cabinet for storing water treatmentall weather cabinet for storing water treatment