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Pure water (H20) consists of 11.1888% hydrogen and 88.812% oxygen by weight. Although the term "pure water" is used commonly, it is virtually a non-existent liquid due to its aggressive nature. Water is often referred to as a "universal solvent" because of its ability to dissolve almost anything it comes in contact with. The superior solvent action of water allows it to be easily contaminated by water soluble materials. Water is considered to be "contaminated" when it contains harmful or objectionable substances which may be dissolved, suspended or biological.

You and your family deserve to know what is in your water. You can't protect yourselves from an unknown enemy. Of course, there are Do-It-Yourself Water Test Kits, which are oftentimes about as successful as œdo-it-yourself brain surgery. We don't recommend them because they are wildly inaccurate. A good laboratory water test can cost hundreds of dollars, but our $49.95 Lab Water Test is accurate, thorough and affordable. Order yours today, if for nothing else but for the peace of mind of knowing your family's water is safe. It truly is America's Best Water Test.