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Water Softeners

You can trust the experts at US Water Systems to provide you with a real water softener, you will love, not some salt-free fictional one that doesn’t soften the water. With a water softener from US Water Systems, you will use up to 75% less soap, save up to 30% on water heating costs while protecting your plumbing and appliances. It will make your clothes whiter and brighter, and of course, it makes cleaning a breeze. You eliminate spots, streaks and scum on showers and fixtures as well, and one of the best parts is that you have spot-free dishes and silverware.

You know that price is important when you are shopping for a water softener, but even more important are four other factors:

  • Efficiency – Our Softeners use up to 75% less water and salt
  • Warranty - Many of our softeners have more than double the warranty of other softeners
  • Support – US Water’s Legendary Technical Support after the sale is unparalleled in our industry
  • Technology ‐ Our Smartphone Technology is simple and gives you total control over your water softener
City Water Softeners
The ideal systems tailored for homes or estates on city water
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Well Water Softeners
Systems built to handle hard-to-remove well water contaminants
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Compact Water Softeners
Low on space for a softener? See our softener space-savers.
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Commercial Water Softeners
Commercial specialist available to engineer commercial applications
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Water Softener Parts
For repairs or maintenance we have the softener parts available
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Water Softener Resin
Find the right resin to maximize your water softener efficiency
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Advantage of soft water is that it saves money.
Detergents up to 12X more effective when cleaning
Use up to 70% less dish and cloth detergents
No scale buildup water heater efficiency is maintained
Overall appliance lifetime is maintained
Less cleaning products required to purchase.
Moisturized / healthier skin and hair
Cleaner, spot-free glass dishes
Cleaner clothes and whiter whites
Preserved look of faucets and fixtures
Disadvantage of hard water is that it costs money.
Detergents are not as effective at cleaning.
Washing clothes and dishes require more detergents
Scale buildup degrades water heater efficiency over time
Overall appliance lifetime is decreased
More cleaning products required to clean scale buildup.
Dry / damaged hair and skin
Unsightly film on glass dishes
Clothes fade faster and dingy whites
Scum, streaks, spots ruin faucets and fixtures

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Water Softener Alternatives

If you live in an area with tight restrictions on water softener system usage or a ban on salt-based systems, there are alternatives. Check out our salt-free conditioners!