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American Hydro Systems & Rid O' Rust

American Hydro Systems

American Hydro Systems provides specialty irrigation products designed to treat well water used in irrigation systems. They have been creating formulas for removing rust stains and preventing them, as well as fertilizers and scale reducers, for the irrigation industry for over 25 years. The Rid O' Rust line of professional grade rust stain removers and preventers is customized for exterior rust staining. It's designed to dissolve rust stains within seconds and keep them from coming back! American Hydro Systems also offers a full line of natural fertilizers, pest repellants, and irrigation additives.

American Hydro Systems & Rid O' Rust

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Minerals in well water can stain your sidewalksIdentify A Stain

Dosing Calculator

There are few things less attractive than red or yellow stains on the steps, sidewalks, and walkways of your home or business. Well water often contains minerals like iron, calcium, and tannin that leave ugly stains on concrete and other landscaping. Rid O' Rust chemicals are designed specifically to remove rust from concrete and dissolve a range of stains caused by well water.

American Hydro Systems offers a range of irrigation system chemicals to prevent well water rust staining, control insects, and keep your landscape greener longer. All of their products can be used in conjunction with well pumps and injection systems for submersible wells that attach to the irrigation system.

Stain Identification

tanninTannin - Light Yellow

Tannin (tannoid) is an organic compound found in many types of plants. It's the molecule that give tea its distinct light yellow-brown color. Unfortunately, it is also a very difficult stain to remove and usually requires specialty stain removers such as Rid O' Rust.


IronIron (Rust) - Red/Brown

Iron oxide is a common chemical compound and produces the most difficult reddish-brown "rust" stains to remove from surfaces. It is even used as a dye in brick, concrete, and paint. In order to remove rust stains from concrete and other surfaces, we suggest the highly effective Rid O' Rust formula.


hardnessHardness - White/Powder

Hard water is caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium, which stick to surfaces and form a white powdery residue. These stains are relatively easy to remove, but they can also be prevented using the RRC stain prevention formula.


Remove Rust Stains With the Most Effective Rust Removal Products on the Market

rid-o-rustIf you already have stains on your concrete and other exterior surfaces, you'll need to use a product for removing rust stains before installing a rust stain preventer. Rid O' Rust formulas are the most effective rust stain removers. These formulas are specifically designed with the following features:

  • Removes most stains without scrubbing: simply spray on, rinse, and walk away
  • Safe for application on painted or unpainted surfaces, metal surfaces, stucco, concrete, stone, grout, and asphalt, and they will not etch concrete
  • Biodegradable and non-carcinogenic
  • Will not harm grass or shrubs with normal application

Caution: The ingredient in Rust Stain Remover crystallizes at 32° F and below. Rust Stain Remover should be stored accordingly. If product freezes, warm it to 72° F and shake until crystals are no longer visible on the bottom of the bottle.

Prevent Rust Stains With the Leading Rust Stain Preventer: Rid O'Rust

Why keep removing rust stains when there are products that prevent stains, scale, and buildup? Rid O' Rust products are sold in a concentrated form that can be mixed with water in a chemical feed tank and distributed through a feeder system to prevent rust stains from developing in the first place.

In order to determine the proper chemical to use, your well water must be tested for iron content, hardness, and pH (refer to the on-line dosage calculator.).

Please note that Rid O' Rust formulas will not be effective under certain circumstances. Please refer to our warranty statement.

Rid O'Rust Formula RR1

Formula RR1 replaces Formula 500 and 2000 and is effective at preventing rust stains for most people. RR1 is highly concentrated, which makes it easier to use.

Rid O'Rust Formula RR2

Formula RR2 replaces Formula 1000 and 3000 and is most effective where pH is below 6 or when the water table fluctuates. RR2 is the strongest formula available.

RRC Calcium Stain Preventer

RRC replaces Calcium Cracker and is designed to treat the calcium in well water that causes mineral build-up in irrigation lines and water spots on vehicles, hardscape surfaces, and foliage. RRC also prevents scale build-up in irrigation components.

RR1, RR2, and RRC are introduced into the irrigation line through an American Hydro Feeder System. The type of feeder system needed for an installation depends on the type of irrigation system well pump you are using. Click here for information on installation with a below ground well pump.

Injection Feeder System

american hydro systems injection feederAn injection feeder system must be used when the application involves a below-ground or submersible well pump. This type of feeder is also suggested with larger above-ground pumps (over 2 hp) and any application with an above ground pump where frequent refilling of a siphoning system would prove onerous. American Hydro Systems offers a complete irrigation feeder system for the most common situations and provides several different alternatives. For a custom irrigation feeder system job, choose from five different tank sizes – 15 gal, 30 gal, 65 gal, 100 gal, and 200 gal – and five different metering pumps.

The ProFeeder is designed to be used with LiquidLife natural fertilizers, pest repellants, and irrigation additives, and also easily attaches to your irrigation system. For a landscape that stays greener longer and rust stain removers that leave your walkways clean, look no further than the specialty irrigation products of American Hydro Systems.



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Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart.