Water Treatment Chemicals: Cleaners, Anti-Scalants, Etc.

Find a complete lineup of water treatment chemicals at US Water Systems. We have rust-removing agents, resin cleaners, chlorine pellets and granules, hydrogen peroxide, RO sanitizing packets, anti-scalants for commercial RO systems, soda ash to increase pH, polyphosphates, and well sanitizers, to name but a few.

US Water Systems provides a wide array of commercial-grade chemicals for water treatment, including OXY-PRO 7, our special formula of Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide designed to eradicate iron and sulfur. It has a shelf-life much longer than regular peroxide which degrades rapidly and is therefore much less effective in treating the water.


To sanitize well water, storage tanks and pumps, and as an effective alternative to hazardous liquid chlorination, we offer Better Water Industries chlorine pellets, granules and well sanitizers. Better Water has specialized in the chlorine chemical treatment of water for optimal-quality water for more than 30 years.

Effective chemical injection in water-treatment systems requires the highest quality products, which is why we've partnered with world-class manufacturers, like Better Water Industries and Stenner Pumps for the highest quality and most reliable injection systems on the market.

Our water softener sanitizers and sanitizers for RO units and water coolers are EPA approved, proven to eliminate 99.9% of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other harmful forms of bacteria.

Our RES-KLEEN Resin Cleaner removes iron and contaminants from water softener units to keep them operating at the highest efficiency. These chemicals are also safe for the environment.

We offer an acid water neutralizer blend that's formulated from soda ash with polyphosphate, which can neutralize acid water and eliminate system corrosion by keeping the injection point free of buildup.

US Water System products include our Hyper-Guard Plus 7000 RO scale inhibitor designed to prevent membrane fouling and eliminate the use of a water softener and transportation of salt and the associated costs.