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Water Treatment Chemicals

US Water Systems provides a wide array of water treatment chemicals from a variety of manufacturers, such as Pro Products, American Hydro Systems, Axeon, and King Lee Technologies. We feature many products from Pro Chemicals, a company that has been making reliable, high quality, cost effective water treatment chemicals for the water conditioning industry for over 15 years. Pro Chemicals offers a wide range of water treatment solutions that focus on correcting problem water and maintaining the performance of water quality equipment.


chemicalsNo matter what your specific water problem is, the Certified Water Specialists at US Water Systems can help you find the right water treatment solution. We carry water filters, water softeners, disinfection systems, deionization systems, and so much more. With our trusted and reliable water treatment chemicals, you can keep your water clean and your treatment system working the way it should be. We also carry sanitizers, disinfectants, rust cleaners, and so much more.

pro chemicalsWe carry many products from Pro Chemicals, a company that formulates, manufactures, packages, and markets its water treatment chemicals while maintaining a stringent research and development program. This means that each product is consistently upgraded, ensuring the most reliable and effective chemicals to meet your water quality needs. It is our mission to provide the highest quality water treatment chemicals on-time and at the best possible price. Look no further than the water treatment chemicals of Pro Chemicals.

Rust Removers and Water Softener Cleaners

Rust Out®, Softener Mate®, Res Care®, Ban T®

US Water carries a full line of water softener cleaners designed to clean, restore, and maintain the life of all water softeners. These products are formulated to treat water softeners with iron issues or for daily preventative maintenance. We recommend products like Rust Out® and Res Care® to keep your water softening system in peak operating condition.

Water Neutralization and Oxidation

Ban T®, Neutra Sul®, and Neutra 7®

Our specialty line of problem water care solutions are designed to raise or lower pH of problem water or protect against mineral staining and odor. These water treatment chemicals can be administered through chemical injection systems or manually. Neutra Sul is 7% stabilized hydrogen peroxide, which does not degrade like ordinary H2O2 and is used in removal of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (rotten-egg odor).

Greensand Filter Regenerant

Pot Perm®Pot Perm® Plus

Pro Chemicals provides several unique blends of greensand filter regenerants designed to clear the filter of iron and other minerals. These chemical water treatment blends are powerful oxidants that are also effective for use when filtering manganese or hydrogen sulfide. Pro Pot Perm is effective for both Manganese Greensand and Greensand Plus medias.

Scale and Corrosion Control

Poly-Guard® Crystal Cartridge, Poly-Guard® Powder, Poly Guard® Liquid

Chemicals used in water treatment for iron, scale, and corrosion control solutions are designed to restore and maintain the life of water systems and equipment. These products are formulated to treat iron, hardness, scale build-up, and corrosion.

Sanitizers and Disinfectants

Sani-System®, Well Safe Well Sanitizer Kit

Pro Chemicals provides superior NSF and EPA approved water purification chemicals formulated for sanitization and disinfection. These are specially designed for use in common water treatment equipment and to sanitize wells, pumps, and storage tanks.

Chlorine Pellets and Granular Chlorine

US Water carries a full line of chlorine pellets for Land-O-Matic, Well Pro, and Better Water Sentry Pellet Chlorinators as well as a line of chlorine pellets and crystals for well sanitizing and disinfecting. Chlorine is one of the best known and most effective chemicals used to purify water.

American Hydro Systems and Rid O'Rust

American Hydro Systems' specialty irrigation products provides water treatment chemicals designed for well water used in irrigation systems. The company has been providing specialty irrigation products for rust stain removal and prevention, as well as fertilizers and scale reducers, to the irrigation industry for over 25 years. One of their most popular products, Rid O'Rust is a line of professional-grade rust stain removers and preventers customized for exterior rust staining. These chemicals are designed to dissolve rust stains within seconds and keep them from coming back. American Hydro Systems also carries a full line of natural fertilizers, pest repellants, and irrigation additives.



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Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart.