Synergy Twin-Alternating Commercial-Grade Metered Water Softener

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Delivers Soft Water 24/7/365
Never Run Out of Soft Water – Never Waste Salt
Flows Up to 25 GPM
5-Year Valve and Electronics Warranty
Lifetime Warranty on Tanks and Resin

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Product Description

Product Description

A Better Mousetrap than Kinetico*

Most water softeners have a single resin (softening) tank. That means that when it is time to regenerate (typically at 2AM or some other time when water usage is low), if you were to use water, it would be hard and not softened. The Synergy eliminates that issue. If you are a doctor, police office, EMT, funeral director, fireman, if you work a swing shift, or are just a night owl, then maybe you are a person who needs the benefits of having 24/7/365 soft water. The Synergy is especially efficient with big families or with water that contains iron.

  • Twin-Alternating 24/7/365 Soft Water Softener
  • Regenerates With Soft Water
  • Fills the Brine Tank With Soft Water
  • Simply the Ultimate Water Softener
  • Fewer Wetted Internal Moving Parts than Kinetico*


  • Never run out of soft water - 24/7/365
  • Keeps resin cleaner - regenerates with soft water
  • Saves salt because it regenerates "precisely" when needed
  •  Never worry about setting the time of day - it doesn't matter
  • Higher flow rates - minimal pressure drop
  • Less maintenance - fewer moving parts
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tanks and Resin  


  • 21st Century Computer Electronics 
  • Just two (2) moving parts in the water stream
  • 24-volt electrical system
  • Unlike Kinetico, it uses electricity - $3.00 per year - but Synergy has a 4-cycle valve (Kinetico* is only a 3-cycle valve)
  • Includes 1" Stainless Steel Bypass Valve (pictured below)
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tanks and Resin - 5 Years on Valve & Electronics
  • 10% Cross-Linked Resin is much more chlorine resistant than ordinary 8% cross-linked resin sold by most companies
  • This system can be regenerated using potassium. Potassium may be slightly less efficient (i.e, you may have to set the salt usage up about 10%)

4 features you won't find on most other softeners

  1. Super Premium 10% Cross-Linked Cation Exchange Resin - Much stronger, chlorine resistant, longer life - in fact, it has a Lifetime Warranty!
  2. Full-Flow Tank is the Smartest Tank in the Industry - Higher flow rates, up to 30% less water to drain, and less salt!
  3. Regenerates With Clean, Soft Water - Everyone knows that soft water cleans better, which is part of the reason the resin has a Lifetime Warranty!
  4. Fills the Salt Tank With Soft Water - Prevents plugged injectors, saves on service!
Synergy System Specifications
Model Max Capacity Cu/Ft Resin (each tank) Grain Capacity Max Flow Resin Tank Brine Tank Weight
163-SS-10 35,000 1.00 35,000 Grains 10 GPM 9 x 48 18 x 35 200
163-SS-15 53,000 1.50 53,000 Grains 15 GPM 10 x 54 18 x 35 260
163-SS-20 70,000 2.00 70,000 Grains 20 GPM 12 x 52 18 x 35 320
163-SS-25 88,000 2.50 88,000 Grains 25 GPM 13 x 54 18 x 35 400



*Kinetico® is a registered trademark of Kinetico Incorporated of Newberry, Ohio and is not affiliated with US Water Systems is any fashion. US Water Systems does not sell or represent Kinetico in any manner.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Availability In Stock
Manufacturer US Water Systems
Removes Chlorine No
Resin Type 10% Crosslinked
Warranty Tanks: Lifetime
Valve & Electronics: 5 Years
Resin: Lifetime

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

  • 7/21/2014

    great experience so far. i had a little trouble checking out. i ended up with 2 items in my cart and it took some doing to delete one but i got there eventually.

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  • 7/21/2014

    I bought a Synergy Twin Vortech Tank Water softener system some weeks ago. Shortly after a mistake was noted and I wasn't happy! When I recontacted them they IMMEDIATELY admitted the mistake...No hmm...or...haw., They subsequently went out of their way to make it right too !!!, The take home:, 1. They helped me get the RIGHT product, 2. Delivery was very prompt, 3. Now with some weeks use, 4. I'm from MN, 5. YOU'LL DO VERY WELL WITH THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICE !!!!! THANKS !!!

    By on

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  • 7/21/2014

    We bought the system from you folks about a month ago. I got it installed about 4 or 5 days later. I think it was *** who walked me through the programing and it is working wonderfully. We are very satisfied with the whole system., Thanks again for all your help and we are very pleased with the results., Sincerely

    By on

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Product FAQs

Product FAQs

  • does this system have an up flow or down flow ?

    This is downflow – Upflow does not work as well in this application.

  • What is the expected life span of the unit?

    20+ Years

  • How does this system work on excessive iron? That is my main reason for a water softner.

    It works better than any other softener on iron because it regenerates with soft water and fills the brine tank with soft water.  However, we would need to take a comprehensive look at the water analysis and consider the totality of the different contaminants (i.e., iron, manganese, hardness, pH, alkalinity, etc.) before I could say it is the solution.  In many cases, iron needs to be oxidized, not removed by ion-exchange.

  • what is minimum floor space required to install this system?

    24” wide x 12” deep

  • I am new to this system and now it is overflowing how will I know what is wrong with the system
    There are several things that can cause and overflow. The most common thing is a loose or improperly sealed brine line. If you bought the system from us we can help you with tech support if you call 1-800-608-8792. There is also a manual on the page that you can use to identify other potential problems.
  • Does this system remove nitraite from your water supply?

    No. it only softens the water