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Stenner STS Pump & Tank System

FAQ: STS – Stenner Tank System

Q. Can a double head pump be mounted on a tank system?
A. No, there isn’t enough space to sufficiently mount a double head pump.

Q. Is the tank NSF approved?
A. Yes. The resin material used for molding the tank is NSF approved. There isn’t an NSF product listing for the tank itself.

Q. How do I choose which tank system for my application?
A. Follow these steps:
1.Choose your Stenner pump based on your specific application.
The following information will be necessary to determine your specific model
• Output requirements
• Maximum discharge pressure
• Maximum chemical required in gpd (gallons per day)
• Voltage required
• Chemical compatibility: check chemical resistance guide
2.Suction/discharge tubing size (1/4" or 3/8" white or UV black OR Europe 6 mm white)
3.Choose a 15 or 30 gallon tank and select the color (natural or UV resistant gray)

Q. Are Stenner motors explosion proof or intrinsically safe?
A. No, pumps are ventilated, which exposes electrical mechanisms

Q. Does the pump flow change in response to head pressure?
A. Not within its pressure rating

Q. Can I increase or decrease my pump output capacity?
A. The Stenner Classic Series motors are either 26 rpm or 44 rpm with 6 interchangeable pump tube sizes to either increase or decrease output within the pump range. (suction/discharge tubing size will not affect output)

Q. Can the pump be used outside?
A. Yes, with the installation of a Stenner rain roof that slides into the vertical wall mounting bracket, the use of our UV tolerant black suction/discharge tubing and a gray tank. All Stenner tank systems include a rain roof.

Q. Do you have suction/discharge tubing that is UV tolerant?
A. Yes, specify UV black suction/discharge tubing when ordering

Q. What accessories are included with each tank system?
A. All of the following:
• 3 Connecting nuts (1/4" or 3/8")
• 3 Ferrules w/1/4" & 6 mm OR 2 ferrules w/3/8"
• 1 Injection check valve (100 psi) OR (1) injection fitting (25 psi)
• 1 Weighted strainer
• 1 20' Roll of suction/discharge tubing 1/4" or 3/8" white or UV black OR Europe 6 mm white
• 1 Spare pump tube
• 1 Mounting bracket
• 1 Installation and maintenance manual