Stenner Econ Black Pump Roller Assembly

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Stenner Econ Black Roller Assembly
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Stenner Econ Black Roller Assembly

  • Fits Econ E20PHG & E20PHH model pumps
  • These roller assemblies are specific to the Econ series pumps and are not compatible with any other Stenner pump
  • These roller assemblies are genuine Stenner replacement tubes and not some lesser quality imitation
Pump Model # GPD Rating Pump Tube Roller Assembly
Econ FP Pumps
E20PHF 4.5 F White
E20PHG 16.0 G Black
E20PHH 30.0 H Black
Econ T Pumps
E10T1F 0.6 F White
E10T2F 1.3 F White
E10T1A 2.5 A White
E10T2A 5.0 A White
E10T2B 8.5 B White
E10T2C 15.0 C White

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