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Single Sulfur Dioxide Test Tube

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On-The-Spot Sulfur Detector Tubes. - Flat-out the best way to test ACCURATELY for sulfur

If you want to eradicate the Rotten-Egg smell, you had better test for it accurately, this is the test you need!

  • Used to obtain a time weighted average of parts per million (PPM) concentration
  • Easy to use and precise (not like the innacurate Alka-Seltzer test)
  • All dosimeter tubes exceed NIOSH and OSHA performance criteria for TWA detector tubes
  • Extremely accurate test for Sulfur Dioxide
  • Measures from 1.0 PPM to 100 PPM
  • One test per tube
  • Sulfur dioxide reacts with barium chloride to produce hydrogen chloride to discolor the pH indicator to yellow

Sulfide Ion 1.0-100ppm

Directions for use

  • Break ends off of tube
  • Place in fresh glass of water
  • Wait 3 minutes for results

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