Rid O Rust 2X Concentrated Rust Stain Preventer | RR1-1

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Rid O Rust 2X Concentrated Rust Stain Preventer | RR1-1
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Product Description

Rid O' Rust

Rid O' Rust 2X Concentrated Rust Stain Preventer | 64 oz Bottle

Note:  Replaces Rid O' Rust Formula 500 & 2000.

Prevent Sidewalk Stains With the Leading Rust Stain Preventers: Rid O'Rust.

Fast Facts

  • Compare to original forumla 500 & 2000
  • Prevents rust and lime scale staining caused by well-based irrigation
  • Strongest, most economical forumula
  • For irrigation applications only.
  • American Hydro Systems' specialty irrigation products provide solutions designed to treat well water used in irrigation systems.
  • American Hydro Systems has been providing specialty irrigation products for rust stain removal and prevention as well as fertilizers and scale reducers to the irrigation industry for over twenty-five years.
  • Rid O'Rust products are concentrates that can be mixed with water in the feed tank of the feeder system to prevent rust in the first place.

Rid O' Rust Conversions

  • 1 Gallon of Rid O' Rust Formula 500 = 2 - 64 oz bottles of Rust Stain Preventer
  • 1 Gallon of Rid O' Rust Formula 2000 = 1 - 64 oz bottle of Rust Stain Preventer

In order to determine the proper chemical to use, the well water must be tested for iron content, hardness and pH. In order to determine dosage for a particular application, refer to the on-line dosage calculator located HERE.Please note that Rid O' Rust Formulas will not be effective under certain circumstances. Please refer to the manufacturers warranty statement.

Discounts available for cases of 4 bottles and multiple cases.  Please call 800-608-8792 for larger sizes or quantities.

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Additional Information

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Manufacturer American Hydro Systems

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Ratings & Reviews

  • 8/11/2015

    New formula is not as effective as the prior 500

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Product FAQs


Ask a Question

  • I have used Rid-O-Rust 1000 for years in my irrigations system. You have it on your website but I can't add it to my cart. I have seen elsewhere that this product is being replaced by a new 2x formula, and that appears on your website. Is this product a replacement? If so, are they comparable products to prevent rust, and where/how can I compare them?

    Here is a link to what you would want to purchase going forward from the Rid O Rust 1000:


    • 1 Gallon of Rid O' Rust Formula 1000 = 1 - 64 oz bottles of Rust Stain Preventer