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Retention Tank 80 Gallon

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80 Gallon Retention Tank - RT80

The Clack Corporation 80 Gallon Retention Tank is designed for easy installation with easy IN/OUT piping connections at the top of the tank.

The tank has a full 1" blow down drain at the bottom of the tank to allow silt, sediment and other organics to be purged out.

Retention tanks are typically utilized to assure contact time adequate to kill bacteria, mix chemicals properly or allowed chemical reactions to fully occur.

Includes the following:

  • 1190 RT IN/OUT head
  • Bypass Valve
  • 1" Schedule 80 Elbows
  • Outlet Distributor
  • Baffle Diffuser
  • 1"  Blow Down

Warranty:  5 Years
Maximum Operating Pressure:  75 PSI
Maximum Operating Temperature:  120 Degrees F
Construction:  Grey Outer Fiberglass with Epoxy Resin & One Piece Polyethelyne Liner
Gallon Capacity:  80 Gallons
Dimensions:  21" Diameter x 69" Height

Polyglass tanks are designed to withstand pressure, but will collapse if  subjected to a vacuum.  A vacuum breaker should always be installed to prevent this from occurring.

Bypass Valve  (below)

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