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ResinTech Mixed Bed DI Resin 1 Cubic Foot | MBD-10-SC

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1 Cubic Foot ResinTech Mixed Bed DI Resin | MBD-10-SC

RESINTECH MBD-10-SC is supplied as moist, tough, colored, spherical beads. The anion resin is light in color. The cation resin is dark brown to black. The color difference between the cation and anion resins makes it easy to determine the degree and completeness of the separation step during the backwash step of the regeneration process. It also allows visual inspection of the resin after the regeneration and re-mix process has been completed. The component resins in RESINTECH MBD-10-SC are designed to provide maximum life and operating capacity in regenerable systems. RESINTECH MBD-10 is specifically formulated to maintain high capacity and excellent water quality over hundreds of exhaustion and regeneration cycles.

  • Tested to 18.2 megohm as a polisher
  • Complies with FDA Regulations For Potable Water
  • Highest Operating Capacity
  • Ease of Separation
  • Superior Thermal & Physical Stability
  • Low Silica Leakage
  • Performance Tested


  • Operating Flow Rate: 2 to 10 GPM per Cubic Foot
  • pH Range: 0-14
  • Weight: Approx 43 lbs/cu/ft

MBD-10-SC is a premium grade mixed bed, similar to NG grade but made with additional pro-cessing steps to reduce leachable TOC levels and ensure its ability to produce 18 megohm resistivity. The cation component is at least 99% in the hydrogen form and the anion component is at least 95% regenerated. The product is fully tested to ensure its ability to achieve 18 megohm resistivity. Each batch is tested to ensure it will rinse to below 50 ppb of leachable TOC in less than 50 bed volumes from start of service.


  • Portable Exchange DI
  • Rinsing of semiconductor wafers
  • Make-up of chemical solutions
  • Laboratory uses
  • Condensate polishing
  • Product purification
  • Photographic solutions and rinsing
  • Radwaste
  • Cartridge demineralizers
  • Hemodialysis
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Pharmaceutical applications

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