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Recirculation or Auto-flush Timer and Solenoid Valve

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Recirculation or Auto-flush Timer and Solenoid Valve

US Water Systems has designed a timer controlled solenoid valve system that can be utilized in many applications.  This system can be used to recirculate an atmospheric tank to keep it fresh or it can be used as dump valve for boiler or filter housing blowdown.  This timer can be programmed with “ON” and “OFF” events to cycle several times during the day.  


  • 24 Hour Day Scheduling
  • ON and OFF set points
  • Total of #20 per day
  • Minimum setting: 1 Minute
  • Daylight Saving Time Mode (Automatic or can be adjusted)
  • Leap Year (Automatic Compensation)
  • Display (LCD)
  • Manual Override (Until the next schedule ON or OFF.  Automatic operation then resumes)
  • Power Outage (Permanent schedule retention.  Super-capacitor maintains real time up to 4 days)  

 Valve Approvals

  • UL recognized coil - File E153691
  • CSA certified coil - see CSA file No. 113111
  • Tested and certified by NSF International:
  • NSF 61 Annex G: Drinking Water System Components
  • NSF 169: Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices
  • NSF 42: Drinking Water Treatment Units - Material and Structural Integrity Requirements
  • NSF 372: Drinking Water Systems Components - Lead Content Certification
  • The NSF Certification Program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and ANSI.


  • 1 Year


1 Year

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