Pulsar Modular Water Filter System 3 | Modules 1, 2, & 3

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The Pulsar System Three combines the Pulsar Interceptor filter with the Pulsar BodyGuard filter to give you outstanding water filtration for your home and also adds the Pulsar Fluoride removal filter to remove fluoride from the water.
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Product Description

made in usaPulsar Modular Water Filter System Three | Modules 1, 2, & 3

The Pulsar System Three is just like Pulsar System One, but it also removes Fluoride. It incorporates the revolutionary Pulsar Interceptor Technology with the Chemical Removal ability of the Pulsar Bodyguard Chemical Removal Filter followed by the Pulsar Fluoride Removal Filter.

What System Three Does For You and Your Family is Remarkable

It starts by filtering out Sand, Silt, and Sediment to sub-micron levels (not just to 5 microns like our competitors) while also reducing Lead, Chromium 6, Silica, 99% of Bacteria, 99% of Cysts, and 99% of Virus, offering the highest level of protection of any pre-filter to your family.

Next, the Prolonged Contact BodyGuard Module removes or reduces chemical contaminants like Chlorine, Chloramine, Pesticides, THM, TCE, PCB, Pharmaceuticals, industrial solvents, and thousands of other contaminants.

  • Great Tasting Water – Removes the chemicals while leaving the minerals. You drink more water when it tastes great – even your pets will know the difference. 9 out of 10 dogs prefer Pulsar Water and your beverages will taste great.
  • Healthier Water – No other system removes as many contaminants as the Pulsar System One. Your body filters and stores chemicals – you can either buy a filter or be a filter.
  • Eliminates Fluoride – If you have decided you do not want fluoride in your family’s water, then this is the system for you.
  • Better for the Skin and Hair – Harsh chemicals like chlorine and chloramine are irritating to the skin on both a physical and chemical basis. Your hair will shine and your skin will be more radiant without the harsh chemicals.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality – With the chemical contaminants removed, there will no vaporization or atomization of chemicals into the air from the water supply. Your lungs will know the difference.
  • No Electricity, No Wasted Water – The greenest technology is also the technology that protects you and your family from the most chemicals and pathogens that can be in your water supply.

The Pulsar Interceptor uses electro-absorptive nanofiber which uses mechanical filtration and electro-adhesion utilizing cutting-edge technology. It has a 5 micron outer filter layer (which can be washed off if sediment is accumulated). Inside the filter is another layer of pleated material manufactured of Nano Alumina Fibers that have a Zeta potential of 51 millivolts. Many contaminants are actually "magnetically" removed from the water supply and "secured" in the Charged Filter. The Pulsar Disruptor then provides the final barrier against Lead, Chromium 6, VOC’, bacteria, cysts, and virus.

This Interceptor Filter’s performance is dependent upon incoming water quality and factors such as iron, sulfur, manganese, sediment, and other particulates need to be addressed ahead of the Pulsar Interceptor Pre-Filter. Life expectancy of the filter varies with the water supply, but many users experience filter change intervals in excess of a year.

The premium coconut shell catalytic carbon in the BodyGuard filter lasts up to 1,000,000 gallons or 5 years, while the Bone Char on the Fluoride Filter typically has to be replaced every 2-4 years.

System Specifications

  • Warranty – Lifetime on all parts including, Tank, Filter Housing, and Head
  • NSF/WQA Testing – All media and system components are NSF and/or WQA Certified and FDA Approved

Engineering Specifications

ModelPeak FlowFilter SizeTank SizeCarbonPipe Size
PWFMS3-A 12 GPM 4.5" x 10" (2) 10" x 54" 1.5 cu/ft 1"
PWFMS3-B 25 GPM 4.5" x 20" (2) 13" x 54" 2.5 cu/ft 1"
  • A – Up to 3 Bathrooms/12 GPM
  • B – Up to 6 Bathrooms/25 GPM

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Additional Information

Availability In Stock
Color 12 GPM - Chrome Tank Cover | Black Cap
25 GPM - Black Tank
Manufacturer US Water Systems

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