Proportional pH Neutralization System

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Proportional Neutralization System Delivers Precise pH Adjustment

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Product Description

Proportional Neutralization System Delivers Precise pH Adjustment

The Stenner pump and control module is the heart of the system and is perfectly suited for any system with varying flow rates.  It neutralizes the pH of any level at any flow rate - high or low.

Primary Components

  • Stenner Pump Control Module - a time adjusted controller that powers the pump
  • Stenner Classic Series Fixed Output Pump
  • Dry contact pulsing Water Meter - Sends a signal to the Stenner PCM which actuates the pump to deliver the desired dose based on water volume
  • 30 Gallon Solution Tank to store the mixture of soda ash


The heart of this system is the Stenner Proportional Injection System which includes brackets to easily mount the panel to the wall for timely installations and equipment accessibility.  It is completely "plug and play."  Simple to install, even simpler to set.  The water comes into the Stenner Wall Mounted System, where it injects a solution of Neutra 7, which is Soda Ash, right into the water line.  Simply adjust the pH by increasing the pump dosage and you are done.  The pH will remain the same, no matter what the flow rate.

Available only in 120V, accommodates 3/4" or 1" piping.  Just plug into any electrical outlet, intercept a 3/4" or 1" line and connect it and you are done.  It's that simple.


  • Panel & panel fittings: Polyethylene
  • Mounting hardware: Stainless steel
  • Piping and associated fittings: PVC
  • Water meter: bronze
  • Filter: PVC with polycarbonate cover and two polyester screens 30 and 100 mesh
  • Note: Connections are socket weld union ¾” connections


  • 28 x 17.5 in. (71.1 x 44.5 cm)


  • Stenner Proportional Injection System (Wall-Mounted)
  • 35 Gallon Solution Tank
  • Case of 4 (7 lbs) Neutra-7 Neutralizer Powder (mix with water in the solution tank)

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Ask a Question

  • Would this product be able to achieve a lower pH value (5-6) from a mildly basic water supply (8-9)? And if so, would you be able to provide a ballpark-estimate of the rate of consumption of the neutralization powder?

    This particular system is designed to raise pH.  If you want to lower pH you can use this system but with citric acid powder in lieu of the Neutra 7.  The problem is that if there are a lot of dissolved solids in the water the citric acid may not be strong enough to change the pH to 5 from 9 due to the buffering behavior of high solids water sources.  We do not sell acid that would be any stronger than citric and we don’t recommend that you use something stronger in a residential setting do to the risk of malfunction causing damage or injury.  If you want something that will just reduce the pH of your drinking and consumption water you can use an RO system.  Typically they will lower the pH to 5-6 just by stripping the solids from the water.  Her is a link to the consumption style RO system;

    US Water Cobalt Hyper-Safe Reverse Osmosis System