Reverse Osmosis Membrane Application Test By Professional Lab Water

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A professionally detailed water analysis is critical to ensuring you are provided with a custom tailored water solution. The Reverse Osmosis Membrane Application Test was developed to be the best available for reverse osmosis designs. This test offers a in depth analysis of 24 metals, 9 inorganics and 14 other parameters which help to determine the proper reverse osmosis system specification to suit your needs. All professional lab test are performed by a 3rd party laboratory.
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Americas Best And Most Economical Water Test - Just Got Better

Most lab water tests only test for a few contaminants. Its not unusual to see them charge $100 for 12-15 contaminants. Due to our high volume of water tests, we were able to negotiate a special price for a professional and comprehensive water test. US Water Systems prides itself on providing you with the BEST VALUE in US based laboratory water testing. A professionally detailed water analysis is critical to ensuring you are provided with a custom tailored water solution. This test was developed to be the most complete analysis available for reverse osmosis applications. 

How it works

You Order the water test from our website or by phone

You fill the test bottle with untreated water

You send the test directly to the lab address printed on the box

The lab sends the results to us, we then send them to you with a recommendation on optimal water solutions

If you decide to purchase the recommended system, we will refund the cost of the water test towards the purchase price (can not be combined with another promotion)

How Long Does It Take?

From shipment of your test to emailed results, the process usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

NOTE: Do not send the water sample back to US Water Systems. Send it directly to the lab.

Metals & Minerals Inorganics Compounds Wet Chemistry Parameters
Analyte MDL (mg/L) Analyte MDL (mg/L) Analyte MDL (mg/L) Analyte MDL (mg/L)
Aluminum 0.0025 Manganese 0.001 Bromide 0.01 Alkalinity (as CaCO3) 5
Arsenic 0.00005 Nickel 0.0005 Chloride 0.01 Ammonium 5
Barium 0.00025 Potassium 0.01 Fluoride 0.01 Bicarbonate (as HCO3) 5
Beryllium 0.00025 Selenium 0.0005 Free Chlorine 0.05 Carbonate (Ca CaCO3) 5
Cadmium 0.0005 Silver 0.0005 Total Chlorine 0.1 Carbon Dioxide 5
Calcium 0.005 Sodium 0.005 Nitrate 0.01 Conductivity (μmhos/cm) 2
Chromium 0.001 Strontium 0.0005 Nitrite 0.01 Hardness 0.05
Copper 0.0005 Thallium 0.0005 Ortho-Phosphate 0.01 Langlier Index -
Iron 0.005 Tin 0.0001 Sulfate 0.01 pH (Standard Units) -
Lead 0.0006 Uranium 0.001 TOC 0.2
Lithium 0.0001 Vandium 0.0005 Total Dissolved Solids 20
Magnesium 0.0025 Zinc 0.0001 Turbidity (NTU) 0.1
Silica (as SiO2) 0.05

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