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Pond/Lake Deluxe Water Treatment System

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Pond Or Lake Surface Water Treatment System

Surface water presents challenges and we have been treating this type of water for over 45 years! You can trust the experts at US Water to have a sustainable solution to your surface water problems. While we are not generally big fans of chlorine, it is quite necessary when treating surface water, as algae is frequently an issue and chlorine is effective against it. After the chlorination process, we strip all of the chlorine out of the water, so that there is no residue of the chemical.


  • Clean, clear drinkable, great-tasting water Peace-of-mind in knowing that your water is safe
  • Sustainable technology - built to last for 20 plus years
  • Easy to maintain Nothing difficult about this system
  • Bacteria-free water throughout the home Never worry about this again with UV addition
  • Easy to install - "Plug-n-play", easy to service
  • Compact footprint Takes up very little space
  • Matrixx Backwashing Filter Smartphone Programming Allows fine tuning of the system and complete monitoring of the system with our Waterlogix App (peak flow, total gallons, etc.)


  • Stage 1: US Water Proportional Chlorine Injection System with 15 Gallon Chlorine Storage Tank - Injects the chlorine into the water stream with a peristaltic pump which never requires priming and is dramatically superior to any diaphragm pump. The proportional injection system puts the required amount of chlorine into the water regardless of whether the flow rate - it's a "no brainer."
  • Stage 2: US Water Mix Master Retention Tank - replaces larger tanks that are costly and require significant space. Lower cost, less space and better performance.
  • Stage 3: US Water Matrixx Granular Activated Coconut Shell Carbon Backwashing Filter - Removes the excess chlorine, precipitated matter, tastes, odors, and clarifies the water. Vortech tank assures complete cleaning of carbon during backwash.
  • Stage 4: US Water 4.5 x 20 5 Micron Magna Filter
  • Stage 5: US Water 4.5 x 20" 0.5 Micron Magna Filter Tightens filtration and removes cysts larger than 0.5 microns


  • Backwashing Filter - Lifetime on tanks/10-years on valve and electronics
  • Chemical Injection System - 2 years on all parts
  • Contact/Retention Tank - Lifetime


5 GPM9" x 48" - 1 cu/ft40 gallon
10 GPM10" x 54" - 1.5 cu/ft80 gallon
15 GPM12" x 52" - 2 cu/ft120 gallon
20 GPM13" x 54" - 2.5 cu/ft2 - 80 gallon
25 GPM14" x 65" - 3 cu/ft2 - 120 gallon

Depending upon the water analysis, you may want a water softener and/or a reverse osmosis drinking water system after this system.

Note: It is recommended that you DO NOT USE household bleach in this or any chlorination system. Bleach has dangerous additives which are not for potable water. We suggest using chlorine pellets or granular chlorine (which we sell). When feeding chlorine for a treatment system. The feed rate should be adjusted so that the water coming out of the retention tank has 2 ppm of residual chlorine. This will ensure that the chlorine being fed is at the proper dosage to remove the contaminants.

The chlorine solution should be mixed 2/3 cups of granular or pellet chlorine to every gallon of water. It is preferred that the chlorine solution be made with RO water. If you do not have a reverse osmosis system, you should consider it for no other reason than this. Of course, it will also take your drinking water to an even higher level of purity. The chlorine solution should be made in small amounts (10 gallons or less). This will help keep the chlorine mixture fresh.

If 30 gallons of solution is made and it takes longer than a a few months to use it, it will lose intensity and require constant monitoring of the residual. When it loses intensity it will require an increase in pump dosage to get the 2 ppm residual.


Backwashing Filter - Lifetime on tanks/10-years on valve and electronics
Chemical Injection System - 2 years on all parts
Contact/Retention Tank - Lifetime


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