Polaris Ultraviolet System Replacement Lamp 12 GPM With Staggered Pins | GL39PP

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Polaris Scientific Ultraviolet System 12 GPM Replacement Lamp
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polaris pinsGenuine Factory Replacement Bulb for Polaris Scientific 12 GPM Ultraviolet Disinfection System

  • Polaris Scientific Part Number GL39PP
  • Fits Polaris UVA-12C, UVA-24B, UVA-36B, UVA-50B, UVA-60B, UVA-80B, UVA-100B Ultraviolet Systems
  • 4 Staggered Pin Connection

Note: Pin configuration is 4 staggered pins for newer Polaris UV systems. Older flat pin systems will use this lamp: https://www.uswatersystems.com/polaris-ultraviolet-system-replacement-lamp-12-gpm.html

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