Performance Guarantee

When you buy something, your expectations are that the product should do what you expect it to do. When you buy some water treatment device to solve a particular problem, your expectations may not be reality because the system you selected may not be capable of treating the particular water problem you have due to certain inter-relationships between varying contaminants.

US Water is the only company who can offer you a 100% Performance Guarantee. We do that by providing you with a detailed Laboratory Water Analysis of your water. When treating for iron or rust in your water, it is imperative that a good analysis of the water be performed, not just for iron, but for a number of other contaminants, including hardness, pH, manganese, sulfur, TDS and others. The inter-relationships of the different contaminants will help in chosing the best technology to solve your problem.

With a Detailed Water Analysis, US Water will be able to confidently recommend the appropriate treatment and will provide a Performance Guarantee with the system. In other words, we will either add extra equipment at no charge to solve your problem or we will refund your money. It's that simple!

When we say that any contaminant will be removed or eradicated, we assume that any logical person will know that it is physically impossible to remove absolutely every part per million (ppm) of anything. A part per million literally means a gallon in a million gallons or 1 part in 1,000,000 parts.

Total removal doesn't happen in laboratory conditions, let alone in the field. What that means is that our system will remove or reduce it to an area of where it is no longer a concern. For example, our Oxi or inFusion system remove iron, manganese and/or sulfur to BELOW the threshold of where it is a problem or will stain. Iron stains at levels ABOVE 0.3 PPM. We guarantee that it will be reduced to below that threshold. If it doesn't stain or cause problems, it has effectively been eradicated for all intents and purposes.