Water Softener & Filter Media

The heart of every water softener is the ion-exchange resin. At US Water, we only sell the best 10% cross-linked which is ResinTech CG10. We recommend ResinTech Cation Exchange Resins because they are one of the leaders in ion exchange technology and manufacture a broad range of resins that are of extremely high quality. We are also a source for Purolite resins which are also of an extremely high quality. We offer Calgon Catalytic Carbon which is low in fines, extremely clean and the best in the industry. Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon which is used for removal of chloramines and is also widely used with Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Systems to oxidize iron and sulfur.
US Water also offers Mixed Bed DI Resin by Purolite and ResinTech and also Color Indicating DI resin which changes color when the resin is exhausted. Additionally, we offer Anion Exchange Resin, Tannin Resin, Nitrate Resin, Arsenic Removal Resin and Tanex Tannin Resin.
Other medias that US Water Systems offers are as follows: Bone Char to remove Fluoride, Filter Ag Plus for iron filters, and specialized medias for arsenic and other heavy metals.
If you have low pH, we also offer either Calcite or FloMag Magnesium Oxide media for neutralization. Finally, we have the gravel under-bedding and Zeolite based sediment removal media.